Hundreds in Diyala, Iraq staged rally against the MKO

Baghdad – hundreds of people of Diyala province staged rally in protest against MKO on Monday in "Al -Khalis" 90 km Northeast of Baghdad where the MKO headquarters, Camp Ashraf is located.

As IRNA correspondent reports, the demonstrators included tribal leaders, intellectuals and students from different regions. The protestors chanted slogans against terrorist Mujahedin Khalq Organization and asked for their immediate expulsion from the Iraq territory.

Demonstrators also condemned U.S. military support of this terrorist group .Through placards held they asked for the release of Iraqi citizens who are banned, instead of supporting MKO terrorists.

Diyala people also condemned the recent acts of MKO members against the Iraqi Police and Army forces and considered it as violating the law and national sovereignty of Iraq.
The demonstrators also asked the Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to expel this group from Iraqi soil as soon as possible.

Several Local and foreign Media, covered the widespread rally of Diyali People against MKO.
This is the first spontaneous rally of Diyali People after the incidents occurred two weeks ago and in protest to MKO acts against Iraqi forces in “Camp of New Iraq” (formerly called Camp Ashraf) .

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