Hunger Strike: Idiot Behavior or Negative Reaction

Imposing hunger strike on Ashraf residents is a reality. It is a being which is now showing off in Camp Ashraf but it is not a truth. According to MEK leaders “the reality is the wisdom”: a formula that was only made to intrigue public opinion. This rationale is based on covering the true facts.

In political terms, hunger strike is a behavior that is acted as the last resort to achieve some logic demands while MEK leaders imposed hunger strike on the members to draw American attention and protection to themselves although the isolated members are totally unaware of the regional or international affairs going on.

With their silly demand, Rajavi’s gang is in fact driving to an amazing paradox. They forgot their reaction to September 11th disastrous attack on twin towers of WTC which ended with the death of thousands of innocent Americans and non-Americans.

At the time, Massoud Rajavi and Maryam Azdanlou held a public meeting in Camp Bagher zade, celebrating the event, cheering with victorious gestures.
Massoud Rajavi told his brainwashed members:”this was the reactionary Islam to do this to America, Wait for the revolutionary Islam when it shows its iron fist”.

During the meeting he tried to combine the violent acts of Usama Bin Laden with MEK’s terrorist trends, to conclude his own plan for the audience. In the September 11th meeting at Camp Bagher zade, he said:”If those courageous forces of Usama Bin Laden who are not well organized and are only able to commit military acts could enter our organization, they would be able to achieve many other objectives.”

In fact, Rajavi believed that terrorist acts should be led in MEK manner under its coherent organizational system, and then the objectives would be better achieved.

Thinking deeply about the ill mind of MEK’s ideological leader who just thinks of terror and killing to achieve power, brings questions on the motive of current hunger strike in Camp Ashraf. How could MKO leaders ask for favor of Americans whom they cheered their massacre on Sep.11th. A look at the two contradictory events recalls us that hunger strike of Ashraf residents is a deceitful behavior for vain goals.

The recent report issued by RAND notifies the motives of MEK leader for spying for the US and receiving the support of American officials.

It is clear that American political, military and security officials are determined to stop using MKO since their role is expired. Thus victimizing Ashraf residents, forcing them to go on hunger strike, is an idiot behavior which is like a suicide. But as usual the leaders of MKO will not bear the least expenses; instead they use the blood of the residents as the fuel of their propaganda machine. The members are the only ones to pay the raison of Rajavi’s blind strategy.

By Arash Rezaiee

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