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Let’s emancipate women enslaved in Rajavi’s cult

In the contemporary history, no cult has overexposed women using them instrumentally as much no cult has overexposed women using them instrumentally as much as MKOas MKO. Although Mojahedin have adopted the false ideological and strategic slogan of setting women free form social, conventional, religious, and historical bonds, yet in practice women have been subject to a kind of modern slavery under the cover of freedom through mental and physical convincing mechanisms.

Rajavi has focused all his efforts in recent years to misuse various social, cultural, religious, and ethical backgrounds to submit women. In this regard, he has exploited the emotional attachments and nature of women as well as their ethical, religious, and traditional constraints to increase their dependence on the organization preventing their leaving from the organization.

Meanwhile, promoting women in leadership cadre of the organization is one of the tricks for intensifying the various aspects of this slavery. In this regard and up to the time when the well-founded documents of these misuses are revealed publicly, we will discuss the open aspects of these misuses and ask all human rights organizations to do their best to save these victims from Rajavi’s slave-house and revive their lost soul.

What is of utmost significance at the time being is setting thousands of women free from the bonds of MKO. As MKO leaders acknowledge, the main role of MKO female members as silent hostages is to be used as human shields for protecting leadership.

However, the difference between these hostages and their reactionary and seemingly outdated counterparts is that the former are captive in invisible and cultic bonds of Rajavis rather than visible chains and bonds. The statements made by the separated members indicate that these women in MKO are used as more than anything accessible instruments and levers in the hands of Rajavi to be victimized whenever necessary. Up to that time their role is securing camp Ashraf as the ideological and strategic container of Mojahedin.
Mojahedin media has recently called the world for supporting these women in order to sidetrack the reality. MKO leadership is aware that according to an unspoken consensus, the main efforts of western intelligentsia and the focus of public opinion at the time being is on defending the rights of women hence concentrates all his efforts to win the sympathy of outsiders toward female members of Mojahedin.

However, the issue of misusing MKO female members has been ignored due to Rajavi’s covering it under the banner of the emancipation of women. The former members have repeatedly referred to the significance of women for Rajavi. He is well aware that the special characteristics of these women like their emotional attachments, lack of support and ethical and religious constraints has excluded the possibility of their leaving from the organization.

The affairs of Rajavi with the female members of leadership council in the form of ideological marriages revealed by Mrs. Batool Soltani, a member of MKO leadership council who has recently managed to escape camp Ashraf, as well as flattering them have been levers at the hands of Rajavi for keeping them in the organization.
Parallel to the exposure of these issues, Rajavi has focused on these women insisting on the existence of a potential threat for them through an extensive propaganda blitz to sidetrack the public opinion. Evidently, the life of tens of female members of MKO leadership council as well as other Ashraf residents is in danger yet here the question arises that who poses this threat?

During the recent events and conflicts in camp Ashraf, it was observed that these women were used as human shields to prevent the entrance of Iraqi police to camp Ashraf and also to win the sympathy of the world toward Ashraf residents.

Regardless of the achievements of Mojahedin in recent days, what is of significance is the full-scale propaganda blitz of MKO on the necessity of saving the life of thousands of women living in camp Ashraf. Although the efforts of Mojahedin media were focused on MKO leaders, Masoud and Maryam Rajavi, now they have been concentrated on the issue of MKO female members and their security. It is for the first time that Mojahedin dare to put the members of their leadership council in attention.

The reason of this turnabout is to be investigated. Surprisingly enough, these women’s photos have been published and worries for their safety has been expressed. What are the objectives of this approach? The statements of Mrs. Soltani on the role and position of women in leadership council as human shields for defending camp Ashraf may be problem solving. According to the events of June and warnings given by Rajavi, the challenges inside camp tend to be intensified.

However, Rajavi makes his utmost efforts to determine the destiny of Mojahedin in either remaining or leaving camp Ashraf once forever. According to the above reasons, female MKO members are of a high potential to be victimized, therefore, Rajavi has decided to use them as human shields for defending Ashraf. In this regard, taking necessary measures for setting Rajavi’s victims free from cultic relations is of highest priority for Iraqi government and international bodies.

Our main responsibility is making the public opinion and the concerned bodies aware of this imminent disaster. As it was said before, MKO female members have been the most ill-fated and vulnerable stratum of the cult of Mojahedin in recent years and now after years of suffering pain and misuse, they are supposed to be used as Rajavi’s scapegoat of Rajavi.

The fact is that the lack of support and hope has led many of them to submit to Rajavi. Arriving at an international consensus, the world is to provide these women with reliable guarantee and support, let them govern their own destiny and breathe new life into their captive soul.

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