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MKO leaders prevent the repatriation of MKO members

Senior deputy of Iraqi Interior Ministry: Many individuals imprisoned at Camp Ashraf are willing to return to Iran including 70 of them who have announced their willingness to return but the leaders of this group prevent them.

Hadi Adnan Alasadi in an interview with governmental newspaper Al-Sabah expressed that: MEK’s presence in Iraq is illegal because of its terrorist nature organization and its violent history.
Declaring that the nature of groups such as MEK and the Kurdistan Workers Party in Turkey is the same, he added: “According to security Convention between Iraq and Washington the responsibility of Camp ashraf is under Iraqi government’s authority and the Camp’s name has been changed to “New Iraq”.

"As long as the organization maintains its terrorist nature in Iraq it has no right to claim asylum” he said,

“The presence of this organization in Iraq is illegal and violates international law.”

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