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MKO members escaped Ashraf and joined families’ picket

Seyed Yousef Jarfi and Abdolghader Ostadi escape the Washington backed terror group in Iraq – Rajavi cult – to join families picketing outside Camp Ashraf

(Mr. Seyed Yousef Jafari and Mr. Abdolghader Ostadi joined the Picket)

Reporters from Iraqi and International media are at the gates of Camp Ashraf to report on a protracted stand-off between the leaders of the terrorist cult Mojahedin-e Khalq and the families of residents held hostage in the camp. The families are demanding to meet with their relatives.

The MKO have refused. The MKO leadership enforces strict isolation on its members and does not allow them to leave the camp or have access to media or communications. Because of this, their families have not had news or met up for over twenty-five years.


Since the MKO was forced to disarm by US forces in 2003, many people have travelled from all over the world hoping to find their lost relatives held hostage by the Rajavi cult. Now a group of families have vowed to stay at the gates until Iraqi officials and the international community take notice of the grave human rights abuses committed by the Washington backed terrorist group against their family members.

For some of the families, this is not the first attempt to find their relatives. Mohammad Mohammadi has travelled many times from Canada to Iraq to rescue his daughter. Somayeh Mohammadi was taken to Iraq by the MKO when she was 17 at the time of Saddam Hussein and has not been allowed to leave since. This time her sister, Hourieh has joined her father in the rescue bid. Hourieh told reporters, “This time I will not leave until I take my sister with me. We are determined to free her from this cult”. blank

Employing its usual propaganda blitz, the Mojahedin leaders are convincing Western media and political circles that these families are dangerous, evil agents of the Iranian Intelligence Ministry who have come to suppress the Mojahedin. But media reports direct from the camp entrance tell a different story.

Al Iraqia TV channel broadcast a full report on its 8 pm news programme yesterday.

According to media reports from Baghdad two members of the Mojahedin were able to break away from the Rajavi cult and join the families in their picket outside the camp. Mr. Seyed Yousef Jafari from Ahwaz and Mr. Abdolghader Ostadi from Iranshahr spoke to reporters about their own ordeal as long-term captives inside the camp.

They expressed their joy at gaining their freedom and claimed the Mojahedin Khalq leaders have been deeply involved the murder and torture of Iraqi civilians and have carried out scores of terrorist activities during their stay in Iraq. They say they have unequivocal evidence to prove their claims. Iraq’s Judiciary is already investigating the many crimes committed by the leaders of this terrorist group.

The Mojahedin Khalq Organisation (Saddam Private Army) was disarmed by US military in 2003 as an enemy force, but the Pentagon ordered the US military to protect the group until the hand over of security to Iraqis in January 2009 despite the fact that the group has been listed as a terrorist entity in the US since 1997.

A report by RAND in August 2009 about the failings of the US army in dealing properly with the Mojahedin Khalq, said that 14 US army personnel were killed and up to 60 injured while providing protective escort services to the terrorist group’s leaders on their shopping trips to Baghdad.

MKO supreme leader Massoud Rajavi has been in hiding (believed to be under the protection of the CIA in Iraq) ever since the occupation. His second-in-command and 3rd wife Maryam Rajavi was discovered and arrested in Paris in 2003 where she was hiding with millions of dollars allegedly stolen from the central bank of Iraq.

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