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Iran arrests MKO elements attempting bombings Service

Iran’s intelligence forces managed to arrest members of two groups of Mojahedin Khalq Organization (MKO) which attempted bomb attacks in some Tehran’s squares, Intelligence Minister Heydar Moslehi said.

Leaders of the terrorist groups have used some Iranian nationals who were trained in MKO camp in Iraq and were dispatched to Iran for their bombing plots, he said.

The Minister added, these members were led by Britain, Sweden and France.
"The group was attempting bomb attacks in some parts of the city to create climate of fear and then set fire to police cars and motorcycles."

Also bomb material including sulphur and gas were found with the group, he added.
Moslehi went on to say that one of the leaders of the teams was deployed in a dormitory and used the facilities there to eliminate possibility of his arrest.

The Intelligence Minister also said the arrested agents in Iran have been in touch with MKO elements in Britain, France and Sweden via phone and e-mail.

Also regarding a question that whether arrested elements have already cooperated with MKO, he added, "based on initial information, father and two uncles of one of the members were executed after the Islamic Revolution, due to their membership in the terrorist group."

"The agent himself has traveled to MKO camp in Iraq twice and received required training."
The Iranian official added, "the leader of another group has been in contact with MKO elements since last year and was involved in Iran’s post-election events."

The MKO terrorist group is responsible for murder of many Iranian officials and citizens during its brutal attacks in Iran.

It is included in the terrorist black list of many countries, including the US.

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