Mojahedin Khalq Terror team instructed to deny European links

Mojahedin Khalq Terror team instructed to deny European links As MKO leaders dissociate from their operatives

MKO terrorists confess to bombing plots

Two Iranian terrorists confessed to plotting to plant bombs in busy Tehran intersections after receiving guidance from Europe-based handlers belonging to Mojahedin Khalq (MKO) terrorist group.

In a televised confession, the two men stated that they receive bomb-making instruction through email and were then directed by two female handlers, one based in London and the other based in Sweden, as to where and when to plant their explosives.

The terrorist noted that they were instructed just before they were to plant their bombs that in case they were caught, they should deny their affiliation with the MKO since the terror organization is making headways in getting off the terror list of the US and Europe.

According to the terror suspects, they planned date for planting their explosives was June 10 – 20, around the June 12 anniversary of Iran’s last year presidential elections that was followed by foreign-backed riots.

The two terrorists also stated that they had visited MKO terrorist camp in Iraq in recent years to receive terror training.

The terrorists were reportedly being monitored by Iranian intelligence agents all along and were captured just before they were to plant their bombs.

Iran’s Intelligence Minister Heydar Moslehi has charged Britain, France and Sweden of backing and providing safe haven to the MKO terrorists.

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