A letter to Prime Minister of Iraq (182 signatories)

A letter to Mr. Al Maliki Prime Minister of Iraq (182 signatories) handed over to Iraqi embassy (Paris)

Your Excellency , with this preface we would like to draw your attention to this fact that we the backers and supporters of the Seminar , Support of the Rajavi’s castle victim’s families (Ashraf Garrison-Iraq) which occurred in Paris on 19th of June /2010, are separated and victimized members, critics and families of those stranded victims in Ashraf garrison who have a brother , sister, father or mother and friends in there who are under severe indoctrination and brain washing methods .We had been in the same situation as they are now ,but we could set ourselves free from all those indoctrinations and brain washing methods and fortunately we gained our freedom by separating ourselves from this organization, and now after gaining our freedom, together we want to help the other victims who are still kept in Ashraf Garrison and pmoi’s main headquarters in Paris.

Fortunately , after the downfall of Saddam Hussein’s reign , The Former Dictator of Iraq, and relative political stability in this country , there has been begotten a new atmosphere of freedom, and respect to human rights in various grounds in Iraq, particularly for detainees and prisoners. There are field visits by civic and human rights organizations as well as international and local advocates of those in prisons and detention centers across Iraq. But why this issue and human rights violations in the castle headquarters of the People’s Mojahedin in Ashraf?

It has been nearly five months that elderly parents with broken hearts and tearful eyes are looking forward to meet with their children in front of Camp Ashraf have been on sitting that the MKO leaders allow them access to their children inside the camp. But the refusal of the MKO to allow family interviews between those who came from Iran to Iraq to meet with their children is a violation of divine laws and international laws recognized all over the world.

While we support the families in front of the gates of camp Ashraf and the efforts of your Excellency, demand a stronger involvement of your Gaverment in the human rights violations insaide Camp Ashraf and more cooperation from United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees And the Iraqi goverment for the families and parents to meet with their children whoare prisoners in Camp Ashraf.

With many thanks and regards


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