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Picketing families’ gathering against Ashraf gates

On Saturday 11th of December 2010, thousands of families of the Rajavi cult members trapped inside Ashraf garrison, Iraqi officials and tribe leaders, International and Iraqi reporters, and representatives of parties and organizations from various parts of Iraq gathered in front of Ashraf gate in order to protest against the violation of the most basic human rights by the US backed Rajavi cult in Iraq.

The families who are picketing outside Ashraf garrison for almost 11 months merely wish to visit their loved ones whom they have not seen for many years. This demand of course has been rejected by the cult leaders despite continuous call by the international and Iraqi bodies.

The Rajavi cult had set up strong horns and noise producing devices as well as parasite sending dishes to interrupt the supposedly interaction of the families with their relatives inside the garrison. Once the cult leaders learned that the reporters are going to be present in this gathering they decided to collect the instruments. The video record of the devices which were taken in the previous days was shown to the participants.

One Iraqi participant said after watching the video in which Rajavi tries to cut the voice of the families in this way and do not let his followers hear them; it is obvious that once he is in power in Iran what he would do to his opponents.

The Iraqi officials present in the gathering unanimously believed that just the American forces left in Iraq support the MKO and they stand against the Iraqi government and judiciary system who want the cult to leave Iraq and its leaders be prosecuted. They understand that the Rajavi cult does not respect human rights of its members and deprives them of medicine and treatments and access to information and even family visits.

This gathering had a good coverage in International and Iraqi media and two television channels had live reports on that.

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