MKO terrorists attack Iraqi army personnel in Camp Ashraf

Mojahedin Khalq terrorist forces inside Ashraf garrison have organised a provocative demonstration during which they have attacked the Iraqi military forces stationed inside the camp resulting in the injury of several of the Iraqi forces.

The pre-meditated attack follows an audio message from the leader of the cult a few days ago.

The Mojahedin forces of around 3000 people gathered on the main street of the camp (called Road 100), in a so called condemnation gathering against the execution of Ali Haj Aghaei and Ja’far Kazemi in Iran (not Iraq) during which they started attacking the Iraqi security forces injuring some of them.

They shouted slogans at the Iraqis saying “I will kill, I will kill, the one who killed my brother” while attacking the Iraqis in charge of the security of the camp. They were apparently trying to overcome the Iraqi security forces in a bid to reach the families who have been picketing in front of the camp for the last 12 months demanding visiting rights to their loved ones taken hostage by the Rajavi cult inside Ashraf garrison. (Ashraf is the HQ of the Washington-backed Mojahedin Khalq terrorist group. The place was given to them by Saddam Hussein in exchange for their co-operation in the massacre of Iraqis and Iranians during their stay.)

The Iraqi forces in charge of the security of the camp were forced to shoot over the heads of the crowd in order to stop the Mojahedin from harming the old and sick picketing families at the gates of the camp.

Following are parts of the film taken by the MKO itself (broadcast on their American backed TV station) showing clearly their attacks on the Iraqi security forces.

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