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EU to move Mojahedin Khalq to Canada

Al-Mu’tamar [Baghdad, comprehensive daily newspaper published by the Iraqi National Congress]: EU mediating bid to have Mojahedin-e Khalq organization transferred to Canada …

Sot al Iraq: Iraqis never forgive MEK/Saddamists for quelling the uprising 

Sotaliraq [From column by Mahdi Qassim]: "Most, if not all, of the refugees residing in Ashraf City in the Iraqi province of Diyala are ‘Shi’i’ Iranian dissidents fiercely opposed to the regime in Tehran. Though Shi’i, these people are very popular with the Iraqi ‘Sunnis’, particularly with the Ba’thists, who abhor everything Iranian, except for the ‘Mojahedin-e Khalq’ organization, to whom the Ashraf City dwellers belong, owing to the close alliance this organization used to maintain with the former Iraqi regime. On the other hand, these Ashraf City dwellers are deeply hated by pro-Iranian Iraqi ‘Shi’is’, basically on account of their alleged role in quelling the 1991 Iraqi Shi’i uprising… a sin for which they have never been forgiven by the Shi’i political parties running the show in Iraq today despite the fact that the rank and file of these parties are now largely made up of repentant former Shi’i Ba’thists who are guilty of having done harm to the Iraqi citizenry in one way or another during the bloody reign of the defunct regime … One cannot but wonder at the ironies of dirty politics and profane interests!"

Translated by BBC Monitoring

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