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EU lawmakers urge MKO trial for crimes against humanity in Iraq

Members of the European Parliament called for legal action against dozens of MKO terrorists for committing crimes against humanity in Iraq.

In a letter to European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton, the legislators of five factions in the European Parliament stressed the need for a ‘fair trial for the approximately 50 persons in the camp (Ashraf) wanted by the Iraqi authorities for alleged crimes against humanity.’
The MEPs warned European countries against supporting ‘the criminal activities’ of the MKO terrorist group.

They reiterated that the MKO was a ‘repressive sect’ whose leaders were involved in massive breaches of human rights.

‘The human rights violations the leaders are committing against the group’s members
are amply documented, stating with Human Rights Watch (HRW) and many witness reports of ex-members who were able to flee (including testimonies in the European
Parliaments),’ the lawmakers said.

The European parliamentary deputies cautioned also fellow MEPs against falling prey to MKO propaganda.

‘We urge all members (MEPs) to seriously consider the history, actions and behaviour
of the PMOI (MKO) before signing any declarations or letters of support in favour of this group in future.’

The legislators pointed to MKO’s track record over the past 30 years which included
backing the regime of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein in its eight-year war with
Iran and collaborating with the ex-Iraqi strongman to crush a Kurdish and Shiite
rebellion in the 1990s.

The MKO has also been involved in wide-scale terrorist activities in Iran, killing thousands of civilians over the past three decades.

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