Iraq Should Stop Sheltering Terrorists

In response to Turkey’s positive stance, Jafari’s government should cooperate with it in resolving the issue of Kurdistan.

The outcome of the meeting of Iraqi neighbors’ interior ministers in Istanbul was in favor of Iraqi government and was conducted for fighting terrorism and preventing terrorist elements from penetrating the region. What can be viewed easily in the meeting was the clarity of the decisions. Turkey’s positive position attracted the attention of all attendants. Turkey’s interior minister called the survivors of the former regime, and their associates and affiliates, terrorist and stressed that they think of nothing except instability and blood shedding in Iraq.

This positive stance was also reflected in the final statement of the conference. Iraqi neighbors announced their preparedness to help Iraq fight terrorism by giving training services and security equipments.

In response to this positive stance, Turkey should cooperate with Iraq in eradicating PKK in Iraq. This armed group has established military bases in northern Iraq and enjoys the assistance of different groups.

If Iraq wants its neighbors to tighten up security at their borders with Iraq and stop the terrorists entering that country, it should work to guarantee the security of the neighbors. Sheltering terrorists in Iraq should not be justified using ideological reasoning by Jafari’s government. As Iraq neighbors try to secure the region, Iraq should also play its role. In this regard, Iraq should stop PKK’s activities in the north.

Armed groups such as PKK, Ansar Al-Islam, Al-Qaeda and Mojahedin-e khalq and have chosen Iraq as a terrorist land for themselves and use religious, Islamic and Jihadi slogans to hide their own terrorism, violence, kidnapping, trafficking drugs and weapons and humans in the region. All these groups, despite the difference in ideology and resources, have one purpose and that is "close cooperation". The reason for this is the close cooperation of Baath party with Al-Qaeda and Al-Zarqawi. Riot and murder in Iraq is the result of the cooperation of these groups.

Keeping these terrorist groups, and justifying their presence for security and religious reasons, doesn’t benefit Iraq.

Zohair Al-Dojaili/Kuwait

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