Ashraf residents’ families letter to Mr. Al-Maliki

Dear Mr. Nouri Al-Maliki
We are a number of families of Ashraf residents. We really appreciate you for allowing us to enter your country and come to Camp Ashraf in order to find the track of our children who have been kept at the Camp for years.

Mr. Prime Minister,
Unfortunately, every time we come here, not only didn’t the leaders of the Camp allow us to visit our children, but also they insulted us and replied by throwing stones at us. But we are proud of our resistance against them and our emotional revealing words that caused a number of imprisoned members of the Camp find the courage to escape the cult and step in the free world.
The clarifications made by these defectors have made us more seriously concerned about the fate of our children. They revealed that the leaders of the Camp threaten and terrify members, suppress them regularly in order to force them to stay there.

Mr. Maliki,
We have been awaiting the day that the Camp (prison) is shut down and our loved ones are released to join us. Now that your government has decided to shut down the Camp by the end of 2011, this opportunity is provided for families of Ashraf residents but the leaders of the MKO are trying to bar your decision by using tactics like threat, chantage, and crisis in the European countries. And the outcome of such chaos is nothing except prolonging the imprisonment of our children.

Thus we humbly ask you to insist on your right decision so that our children will be liberated and these crisis- mongers will be wiped off your territory.

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