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MKO members agree to leave Iraq

The special spokesperson for the Mojahedin Khalq Organization (MKO) has announced that the members of the terrorist group will leave Iraq and give up their ‘right’ to claim asylum in the country, the Fars News Agency reported on Wednesday.

According to Habilian Association website, the spokesperson said, “However, our situation will not be conducive to the departure of the country until the end of the current year.”

“We want the Iraqi government to take into consideration the plans of the United Nations and the European Union concerning the transfer of the MKO members from Camp New Iraq (which was formerly known as Camp Ashraf),” he added.

About 3500 MKO members are based at Camp New Iraq.

The Leaders of the terrorist group had repeatedly claimed their right to stay in Iraq and said the MKO members would not leave the country under any circumstances.

Iraq’s Army Chief Babakir Zebari recently said that the Iraqi government is determined to expel the MKO by 2012.

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