The Contradictory Image of MKO

The contradiction between claimed position of MKO and its real image exposed to the world

Perhaps nowhere in the world can you ever find a political or ideological organization with so many embedded contradictions and paradoxes as Mojahedin Khalq Organization MKO (aka. MEK, MKI, PMOI, NCR, NLA). The difference between its claimed ideal position and its real, active image is amazingly unorthodox as it is obvious in its theory and action.

In theory, it claims to be the sole and prime enemy of capitalism, the only organization to establish a universal classless society, an unequalled current, as Rajavi believes, that like a sharp arrow has pierced through any barrier to accomplish the victory of the man’s will over the historical determinism, to be the unparalleled liberator of man from exploitation and slavery, an unrivalled pattern in methodology and theory to achieve ideal ends and which recognizes no legitimacy for any other group or organization, an organization that believes has fathomed the mysteries of the universe and existence. For sure no other organization but MKO can you encounter to make such big claims, to say no road leads to Rome but mine!

In the course of its forty seven years long life MKO has stubbornly dwelled on its strategically made mistakes, failures and dogmatism believing to have achieved huge successes, habitually making a mountain out of a molehill. And just at this time when the organization is facing its critical phase and condition of uncertainty, its leader in hideout, Massoud Rajavi, has begun to talk big and claims to be entering a phase of change and starting to reach the apex of its struggle. Of course, it is not clear how he plans to achieve the ideal point but the explicit challenge before his organization at the time being seems to be inappropriate health conditions at the Temporary Transit Location TTL, where the residents of Ashraf are being relocated. In fact, the prime struggle at the moment against which he uses all the international and global leverage is focused on fundamental and strategic barriers of non-standard bathrooms and health services at the transit camp.

The question is not to grasp the seriousness and importance of such deep and strategic challenges for the leader and what is his purpose in raising them. The fact is that the leader’s scope of understanding and mind capacity for making excuses to deter evacuation of Ashraf fails to go beyond such funny, childish issues. Nobody ever thought that the ideological leader of an organization that boasts of enjoying the support of millions and thousands of sympathizers and international personalities would one day refer to defying sanitary shortages as a strategic phase of struggle. Besides, Rajavi refers to the members of his organization as ready-to-launch missiles. Then, what will be his answer if asked what kind of missiles are they that cannot tolerate some temporary, non-standard sanitary deficiency?

For the organization that claims to have the ability of solving the most difficult challenges of the world and its ontological problems, it is a real misery and disaster to be unable to solve such ordinary problems. Furthermore, other prominent European and American personalities are called to help solve these problems. And it raises many questions in the minds of people familiar with the history of the organization: what has happened to it and its leadership to have sunk into mediocrity of being desperately struggling to overcome simple, unimportant matters when they survived big crises like that of once being displaced in Kurdistan? That is the point one encounter the truth about the claimed ideal position of MKO and its real image exposed to the world. Funny as it may seem, the mentioned strategic challenges well approve that there is an astronomical distance between the reality of the world today and retardation of MKO’s ideological leadership.
April 10, 2012

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