Iraq: Camp Ashraf to be closed in coming days

Iranian envoy to Baghdad said Iraq’s crude output would be under the framework of OPEC quota.

All Mojahedin Khalq to be deported as their presence is against National security

Hassan Danai-Far referred to unilateral banking and oil sanctions imposed against Iran by the U.S. and EU and the replacement of Iran’s oil by some other countries, saying Iraq’s crude output would be under the framework of its OPEC quota.

Danai-Far told ISNA it is Saudi Arabia which seeks providing Iran’s replaced oil and tries to create smear campaign against Iran.

He referred to some media and individuals trying to disrupt Iran-Iraq relations, adding the existing ties between the two countries are satisfying and that the country has not made any decision on increasing its crude output more than its OPEC share.

He also referred to MKO terrorist group, saying, "As we know Iraqi government is determined to transfer and expel the group from the country and Camp Ashraf."

Iranian official noted two thirds of the group have been transferred to Camp Liberty, a placement for their transfer to other countries, and the rest would be transferred soon.

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