MKO Fuels Warmongering Propaganda

MKO grasps at every available opportunity of serious aggression against Iran

Ideologically a violence-oriented group, MKO appreciates any military option against Iran and has kept at fuelling anti-Iranian, warmongering propaganda warfare. But the group intensifies the struggle whenever it grasps at every available opportunity that seems a foretaste of serious aggression against Iran by any foreign power antagonizing Iranian regime. MKO calls such a power that adopts or pursues an aggressive approach an ‘alien element’, a most suitable power to depend on and to cooperate with. The ousted Saddam’s regime was the most apt ‘alien element’ at the time that it collaborated with fierce loyalty.

The fall of Saddam advanced Iraq’s political transition and the new government showed no signs of seeking to compromise with other frustrated political factions and mercenary terrorist groups. So MKO had to seek for a new external supporter and ‘alien element’ to form another parasitic alliance. The only elements at the time being and are those countries that are engaged in an ongoing strife over Iran’s nuclear activities and America in particular. The group took the first step to be the main source of intelligence on Iranian nuclear sites and exposing what was believed to be hidden nuclear sites in Iran for alleged military nuclear activities. However, it is said that MKO disclosed the information it had been provided by the United States and Israel. Michael Mukasey, the American advocate of MKO, in providing reasons for removing the group from FTO list stated, “… there are many reasons, including MEK’s close cooperation with the United States in exposing Iran’s nuclear program for removing MEK from that list”.

Since then, Iran has been facing a challenge from America and its Western allies, and Israel as the closest ally; all have been moving on a deadlock negotiation that has further deepened the crisis.

Following a different policy to confront Iran’s nuclear activities, Israel, widely believed to possess an ever-growing nuclear arsenal, has grown impatient with protracted talks and has threatened preemptive war against Iran if it deemed diplomacy ultimately futile. Announcing a full support for Israel, Secretary of State John Kerry has stressed that Obama is determined Iran will not succeed in acquiring a nuclear weapon and noted that his administration is working closely with Israel: “We are deeply engaged with our Israeli allies, friends, comparing on a regular basis. I think we’re on the same page”.

Not only in words but in action is the United States arming and supporting Israel for any possible military option against Iran. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel in his first visit to Israel pushed a new arms deal to help preserve Israel’s military edge in the region saying that the arms deal would be “another very clear signal to Iran” that the United States allies in the region were prepared to prevent it from acquiring nuclear weapons.

No doubt, MKO is the only opposition that supports and beats drums of a military option against Iran and is ready to walk on any front that might take the lead, be it America, Israel, or any Western ally. However, Israel seems a better option for MKO as an ‘alien element’ since the existing differences between Iran and Israel is far beyond the nuclear issue and is rooted in ideological, political and historical arguments. The United States in contrast has shown eagerness in reaching an agreement through negotiations. Israel, however, risks a loss of credibility over both its “red line” for Iran’s nuclear program and its threat of military action, and its room for unilateral maneuver is shrinking. Patrick Clawson, the head of the Iran Security Initiative at The Washington Institute, in his political analysis entitled Preventing an Iranian Nuclear Breakout  states: “The United States and Israel agree that Iran should not have nuclear weapons, but they may not see eye-to-eye about how to proceed regarding the impasse with Iran. High-profile disagreements surfaced in September 2012 about setting a “redline,” or deadline, for termination of Iran’s program …”

MKO hopes that the old allies develop a unanimous consensus over the military option against Iranian regime. It would make both allies a perfect united ‘alien element’ for a total dependence. What MKO has achieved so far has been an unfortunate outcome; its desperate struggle to achieve the reproachful, anti-national and ambitious goal has brought the group into disrepute among all struggling oppositions. It is not amazing to see MKO, sticking to what is regarded a flagrant example of national betrayal, namely demonizing Iran’s peaceful nuclear activity, spending lavishly to be accepted by any ‘alien element’ that might move on a decisive path of materializing consequent threats.

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