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Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – 28

++In reference to an MEK picket in front of the White House during the visit of Prime Minister Al Maliki, several outlets talk about the desperation displayed by having ten or twenty paid people which nobody took any notice of. Not even anti-Iraqi groups wanted to be associated with it. Many analyse that the weaker the MEK become the more they are losing their benefactors who see they are not worth the money paid. There was even a quote from someone linked to the MEK in Washington saying that ‘with the money we spent on this so-called demonstration if we had given food handouts in front of the White House, we would have got a hundred more people to chant for us’.

++ The Kermanshah branch of Nejat Association has interesting article which points out that until the latest event at Camp Ashraf, anything happening under the sun, even an earthquake in South East Asia, the MEK would blame the intelligence services of Iran for. It is interesting, therefore, that in response to the deaths in Ashraf and the allegedly-missing seven people, the MEK has moved away from Iran and are concentrating blame on Al Maliki and Iraq. It is clear from this that Rajavi has received a severe blow in losing his foothold in Iraq, but he doesn’t want to lose face. Blaming Iran would be degrading – so he says now that the whole world conspired against us and that is why we lost. His game is to take the blame off himself by claiming it wasn’t just the MOIS but the whole he was facing.

++ Saeed Jamali has been continuing his memoirs, one per week, and because he has been at the very centre of the organisation, the MEK have been on overdrive in concentrating all their swearing at him in every way possible, from fabricating lies to personal attacks etc. This has not deterred him, but many people have also written in his support, even those who don’t agree with him. Commentators say that the MEK will not get away with muddying the waters, there are clear questions from disaffected top ranking people and they have to come clean and say whether these are true or not.

++ Behzad Alishahi was the guest on a two hour Mardom TV programme this week. He went into the details of how mind control and cult culture works in the Mojahedin and about other aspects of the cult.

++ Javad Firouzmand from Ariya Iran, who is one of the famous disaffected members who has been publicly tried by Rajavi and condemned to death and has suffered in both Rajavi’s and Saddam’s prisons for being vocal against Rajavi, is writing a series of articles. In the second one, published this week, he corroborates the information given by Saeed Jamali. Because they were working together at many times in the MEK he is able to add supporting evidence to Jamali’s exposures.

++ Maryam Rajavi has declared that ‘if we are allowed to sell Camp Ashraf and other assets to the British company which is willing to buy it, for five hundred million dollars, then we will donate one hundred million of it to the UN Fund [to which the US has already given one million]‘. This hasn’t been taken seriously but has attracted a backlash from many critics, in particular Iraqis and others who point out that half the camp was given to the MEK by Saddam to be used as a terrorist camp and this was one of the stated reasons for the American invasion of Iraq in 2003, and the other half taken by force from nearby villagers. The MEK have no documentation, not even a piece of paper signed by Saddam to show ownership. They point out that as a last effort, since Rajavi knows no other way, he is trying to bribe the UN and Americans, but up to now no one has responded to this silly proposal by these terrorists.

++ Following the anniversary of Marzieh’s death, this week, a few who knew her personally like Iraj Shokri and Esmail Yaghmai have written their memories of that time which exactly match what MEK critics have said until now; which is that in the last years of her life she tried to leave the cult, and when she found the opportunity she used telephones and middle people to contact the outside world to ask for help and to be rescued. Because of this the Rajavis ordered that her telephone be cut off and that she be made to live in isolation in Paris until she died. Yaghmai refers to Marzieh’s complaints that her written memoirs went missing and how she asked for an investigation since she believed that MEK members had stolen them, to which the MEK answered by swearing at her. The MEK is famous for not allowing anyone to keep any personal documents or writings etc.

++ Hamid Reza Salmani from Yaran Association in Paris has published some memories on their website recounting his experience of Ali Mansouri (the MEK member arrested in Israel). He explains how he was recruited by Mansouri in Turkey in the mid 1990s and was from there sent to Iraq.

++ Many have written articles about the British government’s statement that the UK is ‘considering’ the cases of 17 residents of Camp Liberty referred to them as refugees by the UNHCR. Mazda Parsi from Nejat Bloggers has gone into the history of the MEK and European countries and makes the point that, yes the MEK are supported to be used as a terrorist organisation outside Europe, but Europe and America know the MEK as a tool very well – that they are not creatures to be kept at home – and that is why they are so reluctant to take them, and so they delay and play games to keep them out.

++ On the anniversary of the US embassy siege – in which the MEK participated and promoted a far more radical line than was taken by Ayatollah Khomeini – the MEK have significantly remained silent.

++ The Fedayeen newspaper Kar online has an interview with Mehdi Fatapour one of the prominent leaders of the organisation. He talks in the interview about the US embassy takeover, going into detail about how and why it happened. He rejects the claim that the Fedayeen were involved in the act. He says, not only were we not involved in the occupation but even before the revolution we took a stance against the MEK’s violence toward US servicemen in our country. Our way was not to fight with foreigners, we were engaged in fighting at home, not the outside world.

++ The latest news from inside Camp Liberty is that people are refusing to attend lectures and not obeying orders and that the imposed controls are cracking. A lot of people are apparently angry. They notice that 52 were killed and then the remaining 42 then arrived in Camp Liberty and they now want answers. It is not enough to say ‘someone came from the sky and killed them’. They want real answers. This information has been passed to Paris and now Maryam Rajavi is sending messages and videos to try to calm people down. The basic question is ‘if this was a suicide mission, why did only 52 die and the others stayed alive, and if it wasn’t suicide then why was even one killed?’ Maryam has replied that ‘keeping these people there and sacrificing top members like Zohreh Ghaemi and others was pre-planned. The plan has worked and the result is that the blood of these people has meant that we came off the US terrorism list and also we delayed evacuating Camp Ashraf to this date. We have therefore achieved our aim and we would have given the other 42, but thank God this wasn’t necessary’. She also claimed that ‘keeping these people in Ashraf was partly our decoy to hide the whereabouts of Massoud Rajavi and we were successful in this part as well’. She says nothing has been lost and ‘Liberty is now the beacon of the arrow [sic] of evolution and has replaced Ashraf’.

+ Many have written in Farsi about the so-called hunger strike which has now passed its second month. They ridicule it as ‘proof of Maryam’s Ideological Revolution’. They point out that Bobby Sands died well before 60 days, but these people who have undergone Maryam’s Ideological Revolution, are getting fatter by the day while on hunger strike.

++ There was another terrorist attack this week by Jaish Al-adl – which is supported by Saudi Wahhabis and runs a Facebook account and website from London. This time the terrorist group assassinated the Prosecutor of Zabol city in Baluchestan killing him, his driver and a passer by in the attack. Rajavi again, as last week, has been praised and supported this act of violence, which raises the question again ‘how did the US and UK and Europe come to the conclusion they are not terrorists and take them off their terrorism lists?’ Commentators point out that it is precisely because they have not given up terrorism, but because they firmly have hung on to their terrorist credentials.

++ Ariya Iran has an article about the support the MEK has given to the Jaish Al-adl terrorists. The site published a scan of the MEK’s Farsi publication of the same day in which the MEK are praising them for the assassination. But in their English and French sites they have been on overdrive to condemn the kidnap of a French journalist and call it terrorism. This shows how hypocritical they are.

++ Maryam Sanjabi, a former member of the MEK’s Leadership Council who defected recently and exposed their cult corruption etc., has written a note in her Facebook page referring to the recent exposures by the likes of Iraj Mesdaghi, Hadi Afshar, Karim Ghassim and Rowhani and Esmail Yaghmai, saying that although none of this is news, it is certainly confirmation of what has been said by others over the past decade. From one side she wonders why, after being exposed so much, are some in the West are still supporting them; surely any benefit is negated by the damage inflicted by them, which is now being proved. In addition she questions the mentality of the newly defected members and supporters who think they should answer every bit of rubbish that Rajavi throws at them and defend themselves against it. It is unfortunate, she says, that they can’t understand that both their side and the ones who are in the MEK and forced to swear back at them are no more than puppets for Rajavi to serve his survival. If either side knew what Rajavi really thinks about them then the last thing on their mind would be to defend themselves against the rubbish he throws at them.

 November 8, 2013

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