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Violation of Human Rights in MKO

Mojahedin is recently pushing forward Mr. Paulo Casaca, MEP from Portugal, to decorate its terrorist mafia face and to denounce the realities of torture and imprisonment in the MKO.

Mojahedin has claimed that "EU’s delegation reviewed all forged accusation against MKO under the name of "Violation of Human Rights" and after studying the history of Mullah’s longstanding efforts in this regard concluded that their investigation revealed that allegations against MKO in Human Rights Watch report are nothing new."

However, they ignore the fact that a few days ago, the Human Rights Watch stressed the accuracy of its "No Exit" report and announced that:

"Because Human Rights Watch places a high premium on the accuracy of our reporting and public statements, the organization took these allegations seriously. We went back to our sources to review and reevaluate the credibility of their allegations.In October 2005 Human Rights Watch researchers met in person with all twelve witnesses quoted in the No Exit report. The researchers conducted interviews lasting several hours with each witness, individually and privately. All interviews were conducted in Germany and the Netherlands, where the witnesses now live.

All of the witnesses recounted in extensive detail their experiences inside the MKO camps from the 1991-2003 period, and how MKO officials subjected them to various forms of physical and psychological abuses once they made known their wishes to leave the organization. Human Rights Watch researchers questioned the witnesses at great length about the circumstances under which these abuses allegedly took place. The researchers also asked the witnesses to respond to the specific issues raised in the FOFI document with regard to their testimonies. The witnesses provided detailed and credible responses to these challenges that were consistent with their earlier testimony as recounted in No Exit and are detailed in the appendix to this statement."

As far as it concerns the imprisonment and torture in MKO, former members have credible evidences to prove their claims and they have presented these evidences and documents to the representatives of Human Rights Watch, otherwise Human Rights Watch that is an independent international body wouldn’t accept such claims. HRW investigators’ citation to tortured former members and their information indicates an unrevealed truth, which has reflected only a small part of crimes inside the MKO.

Therefore, MKO tries to link these people to Islamic Republic only in order to deceive public opinion in Europe and elsewhere. With advancing MKO’s aims, this group’s lobbies from Belgium to, express nothing else in political scenes. In fact, they are going to fight with the truth with artificial weapons!

Indeed, this proves former members’ ability and their rightness in disclosing the crimes of MKO. This is what annoys MKO the most and makes them more untrustworthy in the eyes of people.

Javad Firouzmand

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