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Hojat Zamani Was A Terrorist

After the reports came up on execution of Hojat Zamani, the old breathless system of MKO started to work and the leaders of this group who now felt a new blood in their bodies didn’t know how to express their happiness; in this regard, MKO and those tied to it are competing in raising the position of Hojat Zamani.

MKO has proved that it considers no value for the lives of people, even the lives of its members. During the past two decades, MKO has hidden its strategic, political and ideological problems by taking advantage of the blood of its members.

Considering the following conditions, Hojat Zamani’s blood is a gift for MKO leaders:

• MKO remained on the US list of terrorist organizations,

• The EU and Britain thumbed down MKO’s requests for being removed from terror lists,

• Human Rights Watch organization emphasized on the accuracy of it previous report "NO EXIT", which revealed human rights violations in Iraq.

• After the Iraqi elections and the victory of Shiites and Kurds (who both ask for the expulsion of MKO from Iraq) the conditions became tougher for the organization.

• Reports were released that Bulgarian forces will take control of Camp Ashraf, which is another step toward the dismantling of MKO in Iraq.

• Iranian took to the streets in large number on the anniversary of Iranian Revolution and supported Iranians’ right of having nuclear technology for peaceful purposes; this showed that it was a national request. People’s turnout was so great that even Iran’s enemies were surprised. MKO which recently has been working as a mercenary of Zionist took nothing from the event.

• The news on Massoud Rajavi and some of his partners’ detention in Camp Mercury leaked out.

• Maryam Rajavi’s judicial case is passing final steps in France.

• And finally, MKO former members and critics showed up strongly in all scenes and proved that their resistance and struggle, despite all plots by MKO, will continue until the final fate of Massoud Rajavi, Maryam and other leaders of MKO is determined.

MKO leaders stupidly believe that the number of their victims gives legitimacy to the group.

MKO has claimed for more than two decades that it has 120000 martyrs, while it has no evidence to proof it.

Massoud Rajavi was not upset when 1400 members and cadres of Mojahedin were killed in the murderous operation of "Forugh-e Javidan", was he?

In early and mid 1985, all MKO operational teams experienced consecutive blows from Islamic Republic because the regime tapped the phones. At that it was Massoud who was still insisting on deploying more operational teams to Iran, wasn’t he?

There are numerous similar examples after January of 1979.

Today, Mojahedin is singing songs for Hojat Zamani and describes him as symbol of sacrifice, as a beautiful swan and …!

But I, as a person who opposes inhumane act of execution wherever in the world, as a person who opposes terrorist and violent activities, as a person who doesn’t like even his enemy to be treated violently, announce that:

• Hojat Zamani was not the symbol of sacrifice; he was not beautiful like a swan; he was not a hero.

• Hojat was a poor man, caught into the trap of a terrorist cult.

• Hojat was a miserable man who killed his own compatriots due to the brainwashing of leaders of this terrorist cult; in his first terrorist operation in 1998, he killed four innocent civilians including an Armenian Iranian William Wigen.

• Hojat was so deaf and blind that he killed 4 people, and after a number of terrorist operations in 2001 and firing mortars on innocent citizens, he was arrested. He was not even the champion of resistance in prison. Despite all of his crimes, he used prison vacations. In one of such vacations, he fled to Turkey. But he was arrested and deported to Iran.

• Hojat was a terrorist, although I’m against execution of terrorists. Such people need time, education and treatment. Escaping from the trap and manipulation of religious-terrorist cult of MKO needs time.

Karim Haghi

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