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Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – 34

++ Soraya Abdollahi has published the 3rd part of her recollections of her and her son Amir Aslan’s lives and what happened after he was abducted by the MEK from Turkey where he had gone to find work.

++ There have been many more articles about the way the MEK started its hunger strike and then how Rajavi abruptly ordered it to end without even mentioning what it was about or what they had achieved.

++ Mazda Parsi of Nejat Bloggers has written an article denouncing Maryam Rajavi’s attempts to link herself with the legacy of Nelson Mandela; posing as a peace loving and democratic person. Among other differences Parsi points out that “In his struggle against racism and discrimination, Mandela viewed Palestine with the same charitable ideas he had for the people of his own country. Nelson Mandela expressed his solidarity with the Palestinian struggle in simple but compelling terms.” Whereas “allied with Israel, today the MKO-run websites and officials do not even cover the news of the Palestinian sufferings. Serving their new sponsor the Israeli Mossad, the group is not going to risk its survival by advocating the Palestinians’ desire for freedom.”

++ Mir Bagher Sedaghi has published an article in Setaregan website in Switzerland remembering the time he spent in Camp Ashraf and revealing some of the criminal acts committed there including the death of Ali Abadian on the order of one of the MEK commanders Zohreh Ghaemi (who was also in charge of the assassination of General Shirazi on the orders of Saddam’s secret service). She was among the 52 killed on September 1st at Camp Ashraf.

++ For the first time reporters were able to enter Rajavi’s nuclear bunker in Camp Ashraf. Many survivors of the MEK have written to observe that although they knew something was going on there they had no idea about the extent of Rajavi/Saddam’s collaborative work. Some have pointed out that there are three separate suites, each with en-suite facilities, which clearly indicates that these are not part of the general accommodation and have been made specifically for the individuals (women) who Rajavi would choose even in the event of a nuclear attack. Mohammad Razaghi has written a similar article calling it “The Anti Nuclear Harem of Massoud Rajavi”.

++ Two separate reports speculate whether the MEK could be moved wholesale to Jordan or to Romania. A report from Sofia reveals that US Secretary of State John Kerry spoke with his Romanian counterpart about plans to relocate all 3000+ residents of Camp Liberty together just outside the city of Craiova. The MEK have allegedly offered Jordan to pay its own relocation expenses if they have permission to establish a camp near the border [with Iraq].

++ There are several articles responding to the recent threats by the Mojahedin Khalq against survivors and critics. These point out Rajavi’s desperation to silence his victims. Hadi Afshar (Saeed Jamali) has written a short article in Pejvak Iran explaining Rajavi’s need to divert attention through swearing and attacking the survivors so that they will react to that, and the main issues like human rights abuse and rape and etc in the MEK would be sidelined.

++ Zahra Mir Bagheri (the most recent Leadership Council defector and survivor who now resides in Germany), has written an article exposing Rajavi’s mercenary work for anti Iranian circles (Israel and Zionists) to try to stop the nuclear negotiations and work instead towards war. She concludes that as much as Rajavi tries to portray the survivors of the cult as traitors, it is obvious to everyone, even supporters of the MEK that it is Massoud and Maryam Rajavi who have been betraying their country, their people and their members.

++ Press TV reported that two MEK members Massoud Kashmiri and Mohammad Reza Kolahi Samadi  who masterminded the 1981 bombing of the Iranian prime minister’s office and the headquarters of the Islamic Republic Party have been spotted in Germany. The two men were seen while dining out in the German city of Cologne and driving to Hamburg under fake identities.

++ Iraqi officials have announced this week that the bodies of the 53 dead are still there and no one has come to collect them. The official, speaking to IRNA, gave the exact names and explained that at least ten of them are from the highest levels of the Mojahedin’s ranks, and wondered why they have been left to rot and no one has come forward to claim the bodies?

++ Following the news of a missile attack on Camp Liberty today, many people have already written about it and the role of Massoud and Maryam Rajavi in preventing the individuals from leaving Iraq and thereby knowingly exposing them to this danger.

++ Reuters reported on the attack on Camp Liberty. “Iraqi authorities have repeatedly denied involvement in attacks on the group. In a rare claim of responsibility for attacks on the MEK, Wathiq al-Batat, commander of the al-Mukhtar Army militia, told Reuters his group had fired 20 Katyusha rockets and mortar rounds at the camp. “We’ve asked (the government) to expel them from the country many times, but they are still here,” he said, accusing the group of communicating with Sunni and Shi’ite politicians he said were linked to al Qaeda.”
December 27 2013

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