Suicide: First and Last Resort for the MKO

Each day 100 members of the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (the MKO) should set themselves on fire, in case of evacuation of Camp Liberty, Iraq, based on the new order by their guru, Massoud Rajavi. A smuggled letter by the camp residents handed over to Iraqi security guards discloses such a cult-like order.

"The leaders of this notorious cult have forced their members to sign their readiness to set themselves on fire and kill themselves in this regard," Iran Zanan Association wrote in an open letter to Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki. The letter’s signatory voiced the call of Liberty residents for help.

The expression "Destructive Cult" has been recently used by sociologists to refer to groups whose leaders or members have, through deliberate action, physically injured or killed other members of their own group or other individuals. The recruiting of the members take place by immoral and misleading means. Committing suicide is one of the most common phenomenona coerced by cult leaders. 

 The MKO meets the most decisive factors of Destructive Cults, it is notorious for leading and forcing its members to commit suicide whenever the status of its leader is in danger.

In the MKO, holding a cyanide capsule under your mouth was a rule for any individual who was dispatched to Iran to launch terror acts. In 2003, after the American invasion of Iraq Scott Peterson of the Christian Science Monitor wrote an investigated article on the MKO that he assumed was "caught between three powers", Iran , Iraq and America. By the way, he was one of the first people to interview the famous ex-member of the MKO, Arash Sametipour. "Militants who were once ready to die for the MKO, however, now have some advice for those who may want to apply the Afghan model to Iran by using the Mujahideen in the same way the Northern Alliance was used against the Taliban,” Peterson refers to Sametipour." He survived his own attempts to kill himself with cyanide capsules and a hand grenade that blew away his right hand after botching an assassination attempt in Tehran in early 2000."

Sametipour was lucky to survive the suicide but there were many other MKO members who lost their lives because they blindly obeyed the orders of the cult leaders.

Neda Hassani and Sediqeh Mojaveri were two MKO supporters who did not survive after they set themselves on fire following the arrest of Maryam Rajavi by French Police in June 2003. At the time, eight other MKO members committed self-immolation and eventually became paralyzed forever.

The tactical self-immolation operation is a vital practice in the methodology of the Cult of Rajavi. It is a very overrated tool to save the leaders of the cult and the structure of the cult. The suicide operators are then called "Martyrs" by the cult. Their names and pictures are propagated in the group’s propaganda as martyrs of the resistance! But as Jurith Nourink the Dutch journalist says they are actually "Misled Martyrs".

Massoud Rajavi once again is planning to launch a coerced self-immolation champagne to prevent the collapse of his cult. Victims of such a likely incident would be used as fuel for the MKO’s propaganda machine. May this never takes place.

Mazda Parsi

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