Iraqi Foreign Ministry: 850 MKO members will be expelled from Iraq

Baghdad –Politics – Informed sources in Iraqi Foreign Ministry stated that 850 pindividuals of the terrorist Mujahedin Khalq Organization residing in Camp Liberty, Baghdad, will be relocated in the US, Canada, Albania and Romania.

The sources notified that the relocation will be implemented until the end of 2014 based on the agreement signed between Iraq and those countries.

The Iraqi Government, its Foreign Ministry in particular, is negotiating with third countries on the expulsion of the MKO terrorist despite all issues the country is encountered with. Baghdad is awaiting the end of presence of the criminal group, according to the sources.

The leader of the terrorist, Maryam Rajavi MKO tries to maintain her organization in Iraq and obstructs the efforts to relocate them out of Iraqi territory.

3800 members of the MKO terrorist group are residing in Camp liberty in order to get prepared for relocation in third countries according to an agreement signed between Iraqi state and the UN.   

Nejat Society reporting from Al Raie International News Agency

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