MKO Camps Visa!

The document released by some dispatched members of the Mujahedin Khalq Organization reveals that the members had to go through strict procedures in order to go out of camp Ashraf and even commuting between different parts of the Camp. they had to fill out a form requiring their name, destination, time it takes for he/she to be out , reason of his/her exit along with signature and approval from his/her superior. The prescribed rules for those who wanted to go outside the Camp Ashraf had been more complicated as the members where required to get the approval of different parts of the organization such as security, personnel and intelligence commands.

The second form on top of which is written “Visa for internal places “had been issued for the members commute between different parts of the Camp Ashraf i.e. going to hospital, masque, cemetery or different bases within the Camp.

According to former members who could managed to release themselves from Camp Liberty such firm rules are run in Camp Liberty as well.

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