Rajavi panic the collapse of his cult

After the relocation of a few hundred of members of the Mujahedin Khalq Organization in Albania, the organizations’ leadership found it crucial to maintain its rule over relocated members who were not isolated in the cult hegemony anymore. In order to keep members under the cult control in Albania, the MKO needed to use its most reliable servants.

One of these servants is Faezeh Mohabatkar who has been recently sent to Tirana too. She is one of five assistants of the MKO’s first commander.

The relocation of such a person to Tirana shows that the MKO leaders are planning to reorganize their cult-like group in Albania and Europe.   Massoud and Maryam Rajavi probably are counting on Albania as a new container for their cult of personality.

The new commander for MKO members in Tirana seems to be fully trusted by the leaders. Faezeh Mohabatkar apparently fits all the criteria of a suppressive cult commander who is able to keep resettled members under the cult control by any means possible.

Most of the former members of the MKO recall Mohabatkar as a torturer. Zahra Sadat Mirbaqeri is former member of the group who has experienced mental and physical torture under Faeze Mohabatkar’s ruling. Mrs. Mirbaqeri declares that she is ready to present her testimonies against Mohabatkar in any court of justice.

Mirbaqeri recounts the pain and suffering she underwent under the command of Faezeh:

“… I was sick. They ordered that I had to attend a session for Ashins (women of the second layer of the Leadership Council). I refrained from attending the meeting. So, Faezeh ordered 6 to 7 women in the room to take me to the meeting by force. I hided in a corner of the dorm but they found me.  

“Despite I was resisting, they took me to the meeting by pulling my arms and feet on the floor

“I was shouting and crying; the pain in my neck exacerbated. They put my army uniform on me by force….”

Since then, Zahra Mirbaqeri was sentenced to death because of the disobedience she showed toward her superior.  She was all the time verbally abused by Faezeh in the cult sessions.

Now, Faeze is supposed to execute cult jargons in Tirana where the group members are no more quarantined behind the bars of Ashraf or Liberty. Will she succeed to run her cult-like practices in a European city? Is she able to maintain the entire relocated members in the cult?

The experience of the previously resettled members demonstrates that once members are cut off the cult-like relations they are able to defect more easily.

Choosing Faezeh Mohabatkar – with a horrible background of oppressive attitude – for linking the main cult in Iraq to the part of cult resettled in Albania, has a message to relocated members: You cannot simply leave the cult.

But, is this method an effective technique to prevent the cult of Rajavi from collapsing?

Mazda Parsi

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