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Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – 82

++ Farsi comments have focused on the MEK’s contradictory messages this week on their English and Farsi sites. In English the MEK have attacked President Obama over the nuclear negotiations saying he is selling his country to the Iranians; the MEK are strongly in favour of Senate and Congress proposals for increased sanctions. However in Farsi the MEK have announced that while they remain anti-Imperialist, the Iranian regime is now pro-Imperialist because they are talking with America. An article in Nejat by Said, says that reading between the lines of these two contradictory messages the interpretation of this double-speak is that successful negotiations will provide a win-win situation for both America and Iran and as such the terrorists will no longer be needed. This, according to Said, is what the MEK fears most. He ridicules the MEK for biting off more than they can chew by entering this arena. The MEK is a nothing organisation and nobody will take any notice of them or take them seriously, he says. The MEK is simply not capable of making any difference to this situation either in English or in Farsi.

++ Following the terrorist incident in France, the MEK have gone into overdrive in efforts to attack Iran. This includes supporting common criminals and murderers convicted and imprisoned in Iran as opposition heroes. Alongside this, the MEK support any and every violent activity in Syria and Iraq. Although the MEK deny supporting Daesh, when it comes to any action by insurgents in Iraq or Syria – no matter who does it – the MEK give it their full support and add to their reporting of these activities with lies and exaggeration in favour of the terrorists.

++ Anjoman Nejat asks us to “just look at this week’s offering from the MEK’s websites and say ‘how could they be more terrorist than this? The remorse of the wolf spells its own death’ – in other words it cannot change its nature.

++ Concerning Camp Liberty in Iraq the MEK are inventing various ‘imminent threat’ scenarios in order to back their demand to get their arms back. Even though Iraq says this is impossible, many people from different places are concerned. Farsi commentators remind us that that making up such non-specified dangers and threats is exactly what the MEK did just before the attack on Ashraf. With this history, it is becoming clear that the MEK leaders are planning some kind of violence to get the people in Camp Liberty killed.

++ A new site has been established in Iran by Anjoman Farogh NGO. The NGO comprises estranged families of MEK members. These families have been writing to everywhere asking for intervention at Camp Liberty because it is now clear the MEK want to kill the members. Last week many families posted their names, addresses and telephone numbers in the hope somebody would be able to pass these details to their loved ones, or be able, at least, to inform the families of their whereabouts and welfare.

++ Several letters have been addressed to President Hollande advising ‘for your own people’s sake get rid of the MEK and don’t allow them to continue to operate from your country’.

In English

++ A member of the State of Law coalition and Head of the Iraqi Centre for Media Development, Adnan al-Sarraj, said that the United States is still giving political, intelligence and financial support to the Mojahedin Khalq organization, and plays a role in coordinating them to carry out criminal acts against Iran.” Sarraj told the reporter for Ashraf News, that “Washington also hopes that the MEK terrorist organization can be used as a bargaining chip in any future negotiations with Iran.” With respect to the MKO terrorist group’s demand last Wednesday that the United States re-arm them in Camp Liberty, Adnan al-Sarraj said, “I do not find it surprising. This ridiculous request to get arms from the Americans is a tactic used by the US with the clear political agenda to add pressure in favour of America in the next upcoming negotiations, otherwise it is clear that in the current circumstances it is impossible for them to do this.”

++ A former member of the Iraqi National Alliance, Jawad al-Bazouni, told Habilian correspondent in Baghdad that the MKO request to be re-armed is “completely unacceptable.” Al-Bazouni said that the MKO was a part of the former suppressive regime of Saddam, adding “we cannot let such a group remain on Iraqi soil anymore.” He called on the MKO’s supporters to move the terrorist group outside Iraq. He pointed out that any move by the US to arm the MKO will provoke anger in Iraq and throw into question US neutrality which is not desirable at this time.

++ Australia’s best-selling newspaper The Australian has published a report saying the Sydney cafe attacker Man Haron Monis was “linked” to the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK, a.k.a MKO). The report adds that the revelation is contained in documents from an Iranian associate’s refugee claim in 2003, which collapsed after Monis refused to divulge significant details about his own past and then suddenly vanished.

++ A documentary film by Sean Nevins of Mint Press News suggests ‘How To Stop Being Terrorists: A Guide For ISIS, Courtesy Of The MEK’. Nevins proposes that “An Iranian group shows that as long as you stop being violent, it’s possible to gain supporters in the U.S. government and get removed from the Foreign Terrorist Organizations list — especially if your end-game is to overthrow the current Iran regime and take over.” The film deals with efforts by paid MEK lobbyists to whitewash the MEK’s violent history. Through interviews with political and cult experts, including former MEK member Masoud Banisadr, Nevins shows why “despite an intense campaign to expunge the MEK’s troubled history toward the safety and well-being of American citizens and the way it treats its own members, the State Department, the FBI, Human Rights Watch, and the Rand Corporation have not changed their stance on any of these issues.”

January 23, 2015


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