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Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – 107

++ The MEK’s publicity outlets have broadcast a message from Massoud Rajavi to the members. Before this, there had not been any video of his speeches since 2003. This time there wasn’t even an audio of Rajavi’s voice and the message was read by someone else. After the usual lengthy rant, the main message is from one side threatening revenge against the Europeans and Americans for doing a deal with Iran. From other side Rajavi ironically claims the deal signals the beginning of the end for Iran because the MEK will resume its terrorist operations and “you will hear about it in Iran; we will launch terrorist attacks soon”. Contrary to the MEK’s mask of peace and democracy in the West, the MEK has announced its resumption of terrorism from its satellite TV in London and its website from Auvers-sur-Oise near Paris. The general interpretation among MEK experts is that this mixed message demonstrates Rajavi’s panic as he sees Iran getting closer to the West and the gap he depends upon to exploit is closing up. On the other hand the absence of audio has introduced more mystery to the question of Rajavi’s whereabouts.

++ Some ex-members have exposed a plot by the financial section of the MEK in Europe. Using documentation, they show that Shirin Moini and Babak NikTale’an, who were brought to Tirana from Iraq, first defected in Albania and got married and were then re-recruited by the MEK not as members but as mules for money laundry. While in Tirana they were given a house and a car and other facilities to establish a smuggling business there. But recently they travelled to Germany where they were arrested at the airport and the large sums of money they were carrying were confiscated. The MEK instructed them to try to find someone not connected to the MEK to claim the money is theirs and return it to the MEK. Knowing that anyone who claims such a large sum will be investigated, the MEK has tried to set up some of its enemies and get them implicated. They advised the couple to find ex-members and trap them in this scheme and engage them with the police. The couple have been revealed to be connected directly to the head of the MEK’s money laundry section called Mohammad Tariqat Monfared, who uses the pseudonym Yasser and who uses various passports, one of which is Lolachian which is the name of some of the MEK’s bank accounts. The ex-members who have exposed this scheme have identified similar cases that have happened before and concluded that the MEK regard this couple as expendable mules since they already defected from the cult. The MEK know they will forever be under scrutiny and are no longer of any use. But before giving them up the MEK is trying to get its money back and set up its enemies.

++ On the anniversary of Forough Javidan many people have written memories of how Rajavi knowingly sent people to their deaths and used their blood to revive the MEK, describing it as his “insurance” for his future. Hamed Sarrafpour in particular has written a detailed memoir of all the people he knew from the highest ranks to the ordinary members telling their individual stories along with pictures of the event.

In English:

++ Nedaye Haghighat website reported that two groups of fifteen individuals were transferred from Camp Liberty to Albania in the past two weeks. The process of relocation to third countries by the UN was scheduled to take only six months after the transfer to the temporary transit camp in Iraq, but obstruction by the MEK leaders has slowed the process. Also last week, Mojtaba Bidaqi managed to leave Camp Liberty after 31 years of membership in the destructive Rajavi cult by handing himself over to the UN officials in charge of the camp. His brother Amir had defected from the group last year after being relocated in Albania.

++ Mazda Parsi in Nejat Bloggers introduces the testimony of Manijeh Habashi who is a former sympathizer and member of the MKO. She gives first hand witness to Rajavi’s over-estimated Eternal Light invasion of Iran in 1988. In her detailed description she tries to portray the scenes she perceived, without judging or analysing the events. She believes that her expressive article is significant enough to enlighten the mind of her audience.

++ Following the nuclear deal, Daniel McAdams in Global Research writes a scathing criticism of neocon Bill Kristol saying at one point: “And Kristol’s objection to foreigners with American blood on their hands is highly selective. The Marxist-jihadist death cult Mojahedin-e-Khalq (MeK) has plenty of American blood on its hands, but Kristol’s own magazine joined other neocon voices in urging the US to remove the terrorists from the US list of terror organizations. Why? Because they are Kristol’s kind of terrorists: they infiltrate Iran to assassinate civilians and foment unrest, while passing off laptops with Mossad-fabricated data made to look like Iranian nuclear weapons activity.”

++ In a meeting with Elisabeth Guigou, the visiting head of the French National Assembly’s Foreign Affairs Committee, Alaeddin Boroujerdi, who chairs the Iranian Parliament’s (Majlis) National Security and Foreign Policy Committee, criticized the European Union (EU) for removing the MKO from its list of terrorist organizations and urged the French government to reconsider its position. Boroujerdi said “the EU decision has enabled the terrorist group, which has the blood of thousands of innocent Iranians on its hands, to “freely operate” in European countries”.

July 31, 2015

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