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Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – 122

++ Nejat Association published the names of thirty Camp Liberty who were transferred in two groups to Albania this week. Two groups of fifteen persons flew out of Iraq on Tuesday and Thursday.

++ MEK sites published various items but many of them end with the conclusion that the West should bomb Iran immediately, before it is too late. This, of course, has become a source of much humour in Farsi circles.

++ The MEK’s efforts to sympathise with Paris has continued. Farsi commentators agree the MEK are happy to have found free media coverage and the illusion of being in a crowd. But more than anything, Maryam Rajavi is afraid of a backlash. She is actually afraid the French government will crack down on terrorists in the country because she is one of them. Others have added that ‘the things you did for the French, you didn’t do an iota of this for the victims in Camp Liberty. You have pushed them aside so that nobody cares about them.’

++ Ehsan Bidi, former MEK member in Tirana, has begun publishing a series of articles – this is second part – titled ‘We lost both the land and the blood’. Bidi examines the transformation of the MEK after the fall of Saddam. After the attacks on Camp Ashraf, Massoud Rajavi said, “we give our blood to keep the land”. Ironically, Bidi points out, Rajavi says the same about Liberty. In recent audio messages he claims that “every time a 100 MEK are killed the regime is toppled once. That means the MEK has toppled the regime 300 times in recent times”.

++ Diplomacy Irani, has translated an item from Al Haqiqeh media. Information from Russian Intelligence exposes the close relationship between the MEK in Iraq and fugitive Tareq Hashemi, who is wanted on charges of terrorism. Documents reveal pictures and bank account numbers, one of which is an account in the name of Hashemi and a company related to the MEK which it used in London to send money to a bank account of Ezzat Ebrahim Al Douri (who was killed in Tikrit) in the Kurdish region of Iraq. The article also shows the involvement of other agencies in Saudi Arabia and Turkey in the internal affairs of Iraq.

++ Families of Camp Liberty residents have stood outside the camp this week. They have also written letters to agencies involved with the camp. They were invited to Iraq’s parliament to meet with MPs and attend the meeting of a Committee called ‘Residigi’ or ‘Resolution’ which has been tasked with resolving the problem of Camp Liberty. Iraq’s parliamentary website featured this on its first page along with a report saying that the Committee takes responsibility for attending to the demands of the families and will follow this vigorously. The families are demanding that 1. they have the right to visit their loved ones and 2. They have the right to help them leave Iraq.

In English:

++ Most of the news in English this week covers the activities of the families of Camp Liberty residents who are demanding action to rescue their loved ones. In particular, after trying every avenue for help, they have reluctantly come to the conclusion that the United Nations, which on paper has the ultimate responsibility for the camp, is colluding with the MEK in violating the human rights of the residents. According to the families, the local agents of the UN are clearly in the pay of the MEK and answer only to them, and no other authority, whether the Iraqi government or humanitarian agencies are able to get beyond this barrier.

 November 27, 2015

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