Families of Rajavi’s hostages in Camp Liberty ask Ban Ki-moon for help

Dear Mr. Ban Ki-moon!

In the present modern world and specially in the world that the people care for their relief and security, the assassination and slavery are not of any meanings and without doubt the persons who proceed to the mentioned actions are far from the world liberal people eyes and live in isolation, as DAESH the Excommunicating-Terrorist Group, has made insecurities all over the world at present and it’s a model of all criminal factions.

United Nations Secretary –General!

MKO (Mujahedin-e-Khalq Organization) is one of the terrorist groups, maybe more dangerous than it, that captured some of Iranian family members over 30 years and makes them for terrorist actions.

Hereby we remind you of some crimes of the terrorist faction heads (MKO):

  • Assassination and terrorism before Islamic Revolution such as assassination of some American advisors and top managers
  • Partnership in 8-year imposed war, together with Saddam and slaying of Iranian border zone people.
  • Killing of in-camp members such as Ghorban Torabi, Alan Mohammadi , Parviz ahmadi, Mehri Mousavi, Alinagi Haddadi & etc .
  • torture of the members and the prisoners in Ashraf camp and now in Liberty camp.
  • Intense brainwashing of Iranian family offspring for doing criminal actions.
  • make restraint the relocation and movement of the organization members to third countries.

Mr. Ban Ki-moon!

Hereby we, injured families of the faction members in Golestan Province- Iran, request you to fulfill releasing and rescuing our children from MKO perfidious commanders’ hands. As to insecurities in Iraq, for instance in some weeks ago its proved by missile attacks to Liberty camp, whereas the guilt was on MKO heads shoulders that fail to move the members and the prisoners to other countries, and now our beloveds are at risk of severe threats by some Iraqi militia groups. They are in dangerous and insecure situation. We request you and other Union advisors to take measures about movement of the prisoners and make them free in their lives, including communication with the outside world and their families in the shortest time after decades away and unaware from them.


Families of MKO members in Golestan province of Iran

11 January 2016


1.Ali-asghar Mardani, father of the prisoner “Ali-akbar Mardani”.

2.Abolghasem Mudabber, brother of the prisoner “Seiyed-taghi Nowkandehei”.

3.Gol-agha Mudabber, brother of the prisoner “Seiyed-taghi Nowkandehei”.

4.Ahmad Saghaei, brother of the prisoner Ms. “Shayesteh-banoo Saghaei”.

5.Mahmood Torabi, brothers son of the prisoners Ms. “Masomeh” & “Maryam-banoo” and “Mohammad-reza Torabi”.

6.Moslem Torabi, brothers son of the prisoners Ms. “Masomeh” & “Maryam-banoo” and “Mohammad-reza Torabi”.

7.Ata Torabi, brothers son of the prisoners Ms. “Masomeh” & “Maryam-banoo” and “Mohammad-reza Torabi”.

8.Nad-ali Torabi, brothers son of the prisoners Ms. “Masomeh” &” Maryam-banoo” and “Mohammad-reza Torabi”.

9.Vali-ullah Seraj, brother of the prisoner Ms. “Zahra Seraj”.

10.Mohammad-hussein Livaninejad, uncle of the prisoners “Hossein-ali” and “Abbas-ali Livaninejad”.

11.Shahram Riyahi, Son of the prisoner “Mohammad-taghi Riyahi”.

12.Khalil Riyahi, brother of the prisoner “Mohammad-taghi Riyahi”.

13.Samad Golalipour, brother of the prisoner I”raj” and “Hoshang Golalipour”.

14.Abolghasem Mottaki, brother of the prisoners “Mohammad-hossein” & “Ali-hossein” and “Gholam-hossein Mottaki”.

15. Motaki, Mother of prisoner “Roohallah Ramouz”

16.Ahmad Golalipour, father of the prisoner “Iraj” and “Hoshang Golalipour”.

17.Hamid Zahed, brother of the prisoners Ms. “Habibeh” and Ms. “Halimeh Zahed”.

18.Mohammad-ali Arab, father of the prisoner “Ghorban Arab”.

19.Ali Hashemi, brother of the prisoner “Ali-akbar Hashemi”.

20.Kamran Bazazi, brother of the prisoner Ms. “Mahnaz Bazazi”.

21.Hossein-ali Rigi, brother of the prisoner “Barat-ali Rigi”.

22.Cheragh-ali Rigi, brother of the prisoner “Barat-ali Rigi”.

23.Morad-mohammad Aghatabai, brother of the prisoner “Hamid-mohammad Aghatabai”.

24.Mohammad Aghatabai, brother of the prisoner “Hamid-mohammad Aghatabai”.

25. Hamid-reza Rigi, brother of the prisoner “Barat-ali Rigi”.

26.Mohammad-ali Rigi, brother of the prisoner “Barat-ali Rigi”.

27.Zoleikha Rigi, sister of the prisoner “Barat-ali Rigi”.

28.Mohammad-mehdi Naserimoghadam, brother of the prisoner “Hadi Naserimoghadam”.

29.Muhtaram Najmi, mother of the prisoner “Hadi Naserimoghadam”.

30.Maryam Naserimoghadam, sister of the prisoner “Hadi Naserimoghadam”.

31.Nafas Varshi, brother of the prisoner “Ashor-mohammad Varshi”.

32.Karim Khormali, brother of the prisoner “Bahram Khormali”.

33.Mehrnoosh Nick-sir, sister of the prisoners “Mehrnaz” and “Mehran Nick-sir”.

34.Abdolrahim Abedi, nephew of the prisoner “Mohammad-khaled Masoodi”.

35.Mohammad-ali Ghezelsoflo, brother of the prisoner “Nor-ullah hezelsoflo”.

36.Hossein Hajili-davaji, brother of the prisoner “Emam-verdi Hajili-davaji”.

37.Haj Mehdi Mohammadi-zadeh, father of the prisoner “Fereshteh Mohammadi-zadeh”.

38.Nase Rahim-arbabi, brother of the prisoner “Ahmad Rahim-arbabi”.

39.Ali-reza Nargesi, brother of the prisoner Ms. “Leila Nargesi”.

40- Bibihajar Vahedi mother of prisoner “Yalmaz Vahedi”.

41- Masoumeh Heydari sister of prisoner “Massoud Heydari”.

Peyvand-e Rahayee Website published the letter

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