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US should dump the terrorist MKO

US should dump the terrorist MKO as it gets ready for a date with Iran

After 27 years, the US and Iran have finally engaged in serious flirtation that will hopefully result in a date followed by a long-term relationship! It is certainly the right thing for US and Iran to sit down and talk and reach a peaceful resolution of their differences. This is the wish of Iranians, Americans and the overwhelming majority of the rest of the world. Imposing sanctions on Iran or ordering military strikes against her is unwise, wrong, and, simply stated, criminal. This will bring death and destruction for Iranians and most probably Americans. It will also potentially create a global upheaval that will cause extreme hardship for people in many other countries. This may even lead to WWIII with consequences beyond imagination. Fortunately it seems we have started to move away from such a bleak scenario and we may be able to instead witness a honeymoon!

But dangers still remain. Today many groups and personalities are calling for direct talks between US and Iran. Many more are voicing their opinions against military attacks on Iran. However, there are also many ill-wishers around doing their best and utmost to sabotage the US-Iran engagement. There is only one group in particular that’s hotter than the neo-cons when it comes to pushing for a military strike on Iran. And that’s no other than the terrorist cult group Mojahedin Khalgh Organization (MKO), also known as MEK and National Council of Resistance of Iran.

According to many accounts by former members of the group and independent analysts, the MKO is run as a cult under the tight rule of Maryam Rajavi. The other leader of the group, Massoud Rajavi (Maryam’s husband), disappeared from the public scene after the US invasion of Iraq. It is rumored that he is in custody of American forces.

The MKO has a very dark record among which are:

– Assassination of three American military advisors in Iran in the 1970s.

– Conducting many terrorist activities in Iran in the last 30 years, causing death and destruction.

– Engaging in military suppression of Kurds and Shiites in Iraq as ordered by Saddam.

– Imprisoning and torturing their internal opposition.

Based on this dark record, the MKO is recognized as a terrorist group by both Europeans and the U.S. State Department. Yet one has to wonder why the leadership of this group is still being protected by both Europeans and Americans and given the luxury to spread their terror?

It is true that since the invasion of Iraq, MKO fighters in Iraq have abandoned their armed campaign. But this was clearly not a decision of choice but rather one imposed on them by force. And while the MKO didn’t welcome giving up their arms, they at the same time realized their dire situation and welcomed being placed under the protection of American troops. Since without that protection, the Shiite and Kurdish forces would have undoubtedly slaughtered the MKO fighters for their past collaborations in suppressing their people. For this we should give credit to U.S. for doing the right thing.

But the MKO terror hasn’t ended. It has merely changed shape and been transformed. The terrorists laid down their arms, but they picked up pens instead. Now every day they are poisoning the air with their disinformation campaign focused on bringing military attacks by Americans on Iran.

Someone can shout “fire” in a theatre and cause rampage and death. Another person may achieve that goal by blowing up a bomb there. These are both terrorist acts. The only difference is, in the latter case people die with a bang!

The fact is, the MKO is shouting “fire” every day. They do this through their own web site as well as proxy sites such as Iran Focus and Iran Terror. One search on the internet shows the extent of this. And they especially time their “explosive” announcements, “news articles” and press releases and detonate them every time there is an IAEA meeting or another important event. It’s clear that as a terrorist group they are highly trained and good at inflicting the maximum damage.

If the Bush administration and the Europeans (especially France where the MKO leadership is based) are sincere about fighting terror, they should start at home. You brought the Taliban to their knees for their terrorist activities, at the cost of many American lives. You cannot be selective. You must also bring the MKO cult headed by the Rajavis to justice. You must not allow this group to roam western countries and freely poison the air and spread their terrorism. The MKO is not a legitimate opposition force but a terrorist group, as admitted by both the US State Department and the European Union. How is it that people who haven’t been charged with anything languish in Guantanamo while the MKO leadership who have been recognized as terrorists enjoy the hospitality of the US and Europe? People are looking for answers!

Many Iranians thought highly of the MKO before the revolution and in the first few years after. They thought this group is fighting for change and for establishing democracy, until they showed their true face. It is true that the MKO was fighting for change. But a change that transfers control to them and allows them to impose their own brand of dictatorship and allows them to ruthlessly manipulate the masses. I have known people who were duped by this group and later died in Iraq. I have seen people turn into zombies once integrated into this cult. This army of clones was programmed to repeat the words of their leadership, unable to engage in discussion of issues as their ears and lips were shut tight by the order of their leadership. I’ve seen this first hand as many other Iranians have. This is an organization responsible for thousands of lives lost in Iran, Iraq and even in Europe (members committing self-immolation to protect Maryam Rajavi).

Now the MKO leaders are ready to sacrifice the whole of Iran for their own survival. That’s the monster that this group has turned into. It will be a big mistake for the American and European governments to continue to nurture this monster. The MKO hasn’t had a base among people in Iran for a long time now. It is in fact one of the most hated groups due to its collaboration with Saddam. American Congressmen, Senators and European MPs are strongly advised to do their homework in order not to fall into the trap of MKO propaganda. Only an ignorant person not knowing the true nature of MKO, or an insane one will declare support for MKO. While insanity can be excused, ignorance cannot. Everyone is responsible to know what they are supporting! Isn’t it true that people who give shelter or support to Al-Qaeda will be prosecuted even if they claim ignorance about the group? I’m sure you want to do the right thing and support the aspirations of Iranians for democracy. But when you offer the MKO as the alternative, you make a mockery of your efforts. If you have done your homework and can prove otherwise, Iranians are all ears to hear your story!

The US and Iran are finally getting ready to sit down and talk. This is a historic event which will hopefully diffuse the current crisis in the short term and result in the establishment of peace in the region in the long run. A successful dialogue will also alleviate the anxieties of the people around the world who do not wish to see another war, more death and destruction, and disruption of the oil supplies. At this critical juncture, it is important to be mindful of ill-wishers, warmongers and terrorist groups who don’t wish for US and Iran to engage. We simply cannot allow a terrorist group with a dark record to sabotage the wishes of the Iranians, Americans, and the rest of the world.


About the author: Ali Moayedian is a peace-loving Iranian-American. He lives in San Francisco Bay Area, California.

By Ali Moayedian, Payvand’s Iran News, June 8, 2006

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