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Parents met their child in Albania, defect the MKO Cult

Haqiqat family at the Nejat society office of Gilan Branch

In 1980s after the Mujahedin-e Khalq forced to leave the country after its failed armed struggle. The groups’ leader called supporters to leave Iran to Iraq .Among the group’s supporters where couples who left Iran with their children.

Among these couples were Ameneh Haqiqat and Akbar Rabiei who joined the MKO group in mid 1980s along with their young child. They joined the group to make a better life. However as soon as they entered the MKO camps they understood that Mujahedin Khalq is a destructive cult rather than a political organization.  

In 1990s during the Gulf war, the cult used it as a good pretext to separate parents and children – In MEK after forced divorces of couples, ties between parents and their children was exactly the main worry of Rajavi (The MEK leader), as although couples were separated, still through their children and their ‘Thursday gatherings’ they were able to connect to each other – so as their child was also separated and sent to MKO Camps at Europe along with other children.

Ms. Haqiqat’s brother says:” my head whistled when I hear that the ‘family’ is disintegrated within this horrible cult. My head whistled when I heard that my little niece left far from parental love…”

Mr. Haqiqat also gave the good news of his brother’s defection from the Mujahedin-e Khalq cult:” after my dear niece met his parents in Albania, his parents decided to leave the cult. They will abandon the MKO cult and leave Albania in near future, if God wills..”

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