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Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – 187

++ News this week was dominated by the meeting between US Senator John McCain and MEK leader Maryam Rajavi in Tirana, Albania. Sahar Family Foundation reports from Tirana reveal that there has been a serious wave of backlash among the members following this meeting. In particular, senior MEK members are angry that Rajavi presented McCain with the MEK’s famous ‘book of martyrs’ (a list of people the MEK claims died on its behalf, some genuine, some not). The members say that the martyrs on this list gave their lives waging genuine anti-Imperialist, anti-American armed struggle. Now, Rajavi has presented the book to America’s chief warmonger!

++ In other reports from Albania, Maryam Rajavi is ridiculed for her instruction that the upcoming election in Iran signals the downfall of the regime, so therefore people should not think of leaving the MEK at this time.

++ Ismael Vafa Yaghmai, a poet and former NCRI member, wrote an article titled ‘Anger Sorrow and Surprise – the problem is not Rajavi, the problem is us’. Yaghmai explains that Massoud Rajavi was first linked to Russia, then Iraq and now America. We should accept that he has always shown this inconsistency and it is us who haven’t seen or accepted this reality. ‘We like to believe that Rajavi should act on principle and have always been shocked when this doesn’t happen and the MEK acts in a mercenary way.’

++ Reza Taghizadeh writes in Kayhan London an article titled ‘Rendezvous in Tirana’. The article explains how the MEK has moved from killing Americans to now singing in front of the American flag and applauding the leading warmonger of the Americans. Taghizadeh concludes his article by accepting that the time has long passed that Rajavi’s aim has anything to do with Iran and that the only aim now is to do whatever is necessary or available to retain the old and dying members in Albania to keep the MEK name alive.

In English:

++ Various points of view and analyses concerning the meeting between McCain and Rajavi.

++ Nejat Society reports the story of Ameneh Haqiqat and Akbar Rabiei who joined the MEK in the mid-1980s along with their young child. They joined the group to make a better life. However as soon as they entered the MEK camps they understood that the Mojahedin Khalq is a destructive cult rather than a political organization. Rajavi insisted that families be disbanded through divorce and the separation of children. The daughter was sent to an MEK camp in Europe. Now grown up she travelled to Albania to contact her parents in the MEK. As a result, they decided to leave the cult and will shortly leave Albania.

April 21, 2017

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