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Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – 188

++ The MEK tried to revive the role of ‘nuclear secrets revealers’ against Iran, but it didn’t pick up. In the end, John Bolton had to send out the message. But it still didn’t attract any media or political attention. The best use of it was made by Iran which said that if all the Americans can do is to lay down the John Bolton, John McCain and MEK cards, they are playing with a very weak hand. Because nobody picked up this false news story this means the MEK are completely off the map. Indeed, this week in a meeting of the 5+1 and Iran, the American negotiating team themselves said they were fully committed to the nuclear agreement.

++ Reactions to McCain’s visit to the MEK in Albania continued from various places. Iran indicated that ‘this is not new but it shows the Americans don’t have more than that, this is the best they can do.’ Many formers said ‘giving the martyrs book to McCain is fine, but we thank God we are alive and not among your dead mercenaries’. Members have been almost rioting because no explanation has been given for this. Sahar Family Foundation published articles this week scorning Rajavi’s laughable reaction; her website is now declaring that McCain’s visit wasn’t pre-arranged and he in fact just suddenly appeared. This explanation for the members brought about an even worse reaction. How, members are asking, does a special meeting and formally handing over the book of martyrs fit in with an unexpected visit? Commentators say, ‘No wonder Maryam is bogged down in Albania, she can’t impose control and will not be able to go back to Paris because the MEK is collapsing’.

++ From yesterday Rajavi’s sites say this disaffection is all the fault of the ex-members who are ‘agents of the Iranian regime’ and that’s why we are in so much trouble.

In English:

++ Press TV and other Iranian media used their English language outlets to denounce Washington’s reliance on the MEK as a source of false information or help of any kind. Tasnim News quoted the spokesman for the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Behrouz Kamalvandi, who said “In the past, the International Atomic Energy Agency once examined unfounded accusations of a military nuclear program in Iran. The MKO is a treacherous group, whose strings are being pulled by certain powers. These allegations are not being made by the MKO itself. They are the demands by major powers for propaganda purposes…” He added, “Currently, the group thinks the timing is good for it to level new allegations as they believe the new administration in the United States is interested in such matters. We do not believe the allegations are of any value. We think this is not an issue to be addressed in Iran, at the international level and even at the IAEA.”

++ Iran Interlink wrote a short note saying ‘Mojahed Khalq Brother John Bolton has a memory lapse’. Anti-Iran pundits have begun to resurrect the MEK as the go-to group for ‘nuclear revelations’. (A role which had become redundant following the 2015 P5+1 nuclear deal with Iran.) However, this has already backfired as the MEK are notorious for fabrication and lies. According to MEK websites, in an appearance on Fox News, John Bolton claimed that the MEK had “long known a lot about the inside of the nuclear weapons program in Iran,” and had “been right in every material respect.”

Unfortunately he has either a short memory or no memory for facts, or both, as this article from two years ago reveals: Article from February 2015 which exposes fake information disseminated by the MEK.

April 28, 2017

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