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Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – 192

++ Maryam Rajavi did not condemn the two terrorist attacks in Iran. Her websites have gone around the subject, condemning terrorism in general but not this event. In response to this MEK formers say that although the MEK is not capable of actually carrying out such an attack, they are involved in this kind of work. Rajavi’s reaction comes about because the MEK is part and parcel of Saudi Intelligence. Just as Rajavi could never condemn anything that Saddam Hussein did, so Rajavi cannot condemn anything the Saudis do. There is every indication therefore that Iran is correct in saying that Saudi Arabia is behind this event.

++ Several MEK formers in Albania have written open letters addressed to various officials and governments. Some write with information about how they are being mistreated – the UNHCR refuses to pay them their individual refugee allowances and pays it instead to the MEK organisation. Some write appealing to the international community to help them not be terrorists. The UNHCR action is forcing them to remain with a terrorist group.

In English:

++ A group of MEK formers in Albania writing as ‘Azadi Association’ have noted that former UN Rapporteur Ahmad Shahid intends to meet with Maryam Rajavi in Albania. They ask him to ensure that he also meets with former and current members, without the presence of MEK minders, to discover what they have to say.

++ Reza  Jebelli of Payvand Rahahee Association writes an open letter to Gerard Collomb, French Interior Minister. Jebelli says that as a European citizen with long experience of MEK terrorist activity, it is his duty to warn the French government of the continued threat posed by the MEK. He highlights the MEK’s annual celebration of armed struggle in June as an example of this.

++ Various articles covering the two terrorist attacks inside Iran last week raise the possibility of MEK involvement. They identify typical hallmarks of MEK terrorist behaviour – including the use of cyanide tablets and the involvement of a female perpetrator. Although none believe that the MEK could have actually been involved directly, they propose that the MEK could have been involved in the planning, training and logistical support from their bases in Paris and Tirana.

++ Press TV reports that in the US, Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher expressed his “delight” at the terrorist attacks on Iran and hopes that more such aggression against Iran will follow.

 June 09, 2017

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