Thanking Denis MacShane, Writer and Former MP

Mehdi Khoshhal

Dear Denis MacShane,

I am Mehdi Khoshal, a resident of Germany. I would like to thank you for your humanitarian intervention and say sorry if you also received any injuries due to your attempt to rescue me. I would like to start my letter with a line from the famous Iranian poet Sadi:

Human beings are members of a whole,

In creation of one essence and soul.

If one member is afflicted with pain,

Other members uneasy will remain.

I am the person who, on Wednesday sixth of December, was an invited guest to a Seminar in the European Parliament in Brussels about refugees. After the seminar, when I left by the main door of the European Parliament I was attacked by the Mojahedin Khalq thugs. At the same time something extraordinary happened. It is extraordinary when an Iranian is being targeted by terrorists in front of the buildings of the European Parliament and at that exact moment a writer and former British MP is present and tries to help but unfortunately, he himself is now at the receiving end of beatings and attacks by these terrorists.

Dear friend, who I have not seen and did not give any attention to on that evening while being beaten, I am also a writer in my own right. But my past experience and the problems involving my country have brought me to write about cults and terrorism over the past 25 years. I also, as have your good self, been targeted and faced life threatening attacks while trying to help others. Considering the helping hand you extended to an Iranian under attack and considering that you have paid a price by being attacked by the same perpetrators, I urge you to separate the experience of encountering the Mojahedin Khalq (Rajavi cult) with the normal behaviour of Iranian people who are certainly a peace-loving nation.

Finally, I would like to wish you good health and for the people of Europe friendship and peace.

Yours kindly,

Mehdi Khoshal

Germany, December 20, 2017

Mehdi Khoshal, Iran Fanouse, Germany

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