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Answering the defamations of Margarita Kola and the terrorist Mojahedin Khalq cult

Mostafa Mohammadi and Mahbubeh Hamza

In a letter that Margarita Kola, the lawyer of the defunct terrorist Mojahedin group, has published in the Albanian media, Kola has repeated the slander and lies that the Mojahedin cult casts against me and my daughter whom they hold hostage. For this reason, we the parents of Somayeh wrote this answer to Mrs. Margarita Kola:

First, we say that Mrs Margarita Kola, in her letter written on behalf of a so-called phantom group called ‘The Committee of Lawyers for the PMOI in Albania (CJPA)’, repeats the lies that the Mojahedin terrorists throw at me and the hundreds of other parents of the members they hold hostage in Albania. She says that I, Mostafa Mohammadi, came to Albania to mislead public opinion and conduct a campaign to denigrate the defunct MEK terrorist organization.

Secondly, she claims that I am an agent of the Iranian government who exerts psychological pressure on my daughter to surrender; ie to abandon jihad and terrorism and become a normal person and have a civilized life away from violent extremism and radicalisation.

Third, she claims that Somayeh stands by her wish to remain in the MEK military camp and voluntarily refuses Canada and a free life.

Fourth, she repeats the idiotic propaganda slogans of MEK, which claims that MEK is a democratic and revolutionary organization, while the Iranian regime plans attacks against the elderly MEK members and that I am part of these attacks. In an illegal way, she asks the Albanian government to expel me from Albania so that the MEK terrorists and hostage takers will not have to face me in court.

In relation to the above, as Somayeh’s family, we say to Mrs Kola:

Be ashamed of the slander you fling at me and my family and for becoming party to a defunct terrorist gang that has held my daughter hostage for 21 years. If you were a real lawyer, you would not play with the card that you are a former US Embassy employee and would not blackmail people left and right with the slogan: “You know who I am, if you know you will save your job!” A real lawyer respects the law and does not write slander in the media. Because you – as a lawyer – know very well what is the sequence of criminal offenses; lack of free will, freedom of the person, deprivation of the right to free movement, the presumption of innocence, what is the difference between arrest and accompanying the police, what is a final decision or right to appeal.

I am not in Albania to attack MEK, I am here to release my daughter from the MEK’s terrorist-jihadist cult. I want to save my daughter from violent extremism and radicalisation. I want to save Somayeh from Manzas’ hell and take her to Canada’s freedom. At no time did I want to take my daughter to Iran, nor do I care what you do politically. I have left Iran as an asylum-seeker. If you look at my Canadian passport that MEK has copied, my country of birth exists alongside my Canadian nationality. Obtaining a visa from Iran to enter Iraq for a while does not make me anything, it does not make me less of a parent, nor take away the right to be the father of Somayeh. You as a lawyer should know that a visa does not show anything, but you have become a party to the defunct terrorists and slander me along with this group. As a lawyer, can you explain legally what is this radical group to my daughter? Why should the group interfere with our parental relationship and keep my daughter hostage? Why should I communicate through the media with my daughter? What guarantee do I have that my daughter is not being tortured or psychologically abused by this group, as the former Mojahedin members tell me? Why in any case did you not tell why I, a MEK supporter, wanted to remove my children from this group? You as a lawyer should know that my son stayed in MEK for five years and is witness to all the suffering there.

The Jihadist commanders Behzad Saffari, Jila Deyhim, Ahmad Taba etc., who hold my daughter hostage, led the gangs that beat me in Tirana in July and have their hands stained with blood and murder in Iraq, Iran, etc, one day, sooner or later will face justice just as Saddam Hussein and Slobodan Milosevic did. If they do not face justice in Albania, they will face justice in the European courts.

Commander Behzad Saffari, a jihadist who probably wrote for you the propaganda letter you have signed against me, is one of the key people in the kidnapping, abuse and psychological pressure of my daughter. He will one day face the law for his pressure and blackmail against my daughter as proven by Canadian sources. Behzad Saffari, who runs the MEK offensive in Albania and coerces the media not to publish the charges against the MEK under the justification of “if you do this, Iran will kill us”, is the person who tortured my son Mohamad in Iraq, holding me prisoner in a container in the desert, and he is the key person holding my daughter in Manza.

My daughter Somayeh Mohammadi is hostage to the terrorist MEK organization. The letters she writes are not written by her but by Mojahedin commanders holding her hostage in the Manza camp. The MEK jihadist command does not allow my daughter to go free but keeps her locked inside the camp. Why?

They are afraid that if Somayeh meets her parents and leaves of her own free will, she will publicise the crimes that MEK has comitted against her. The letters MEK publishes on her behalf are letters that the MEK itself writes. The MEK and jihadists like Behzad Saffari are so scared of my daughter that they do not want her to leave the Manzas jihadist camp and meet with her parents or journalists. They do not trust Somayeh to be free. For this reason, in recent weeks MEK has attacked and beaten and insulted Albanian media and journalists, Britons etc. who went to Manza camp to meet Somayeh. MEK does not dare at any time to let Somayeh go free. For this reason, they have probably written the letter you signed against us for you. They want to frighten public opinion and justify not allowing anyone to have access to a free Somayeh who does not live under the constant pressure of MEK jihadists. Somayeh is as free as the ISIS hostages who were free when they came out in front of the cameras and praised ISIS with a pistol at their heads. And you Mrs. Kola know this very well.

Commander Behzad Saffari has never forgiven Somayeh and never leaves her alone to be free because in 2004 when she was interviewed by Canadian authorities she expressed the desire to leave MEK. But as shown in reports from Canada (read Stewart Bell’s writings in Albanian.com), she was blackmailed by Behzad Saffari in the presence of Canadian officials and she lives in psychological terror of this terror Mojahed.

Mrs Margarita Kola. We, Somayeh’s parents, want our daughter to live as freely as you. To dress as she pleases. Go for a coffee like you. If she wants, to use a marital agency like you. Marry, have a family, a companion and have companionship like you. If you think our daughter is happy with the life she has, we suggest that you change roles with our daughter. Go to Manzas and become a jihadist, dress in a military uniform, and live in the middle of the heat at the MEK military camp and pray for jihad against Iran. As a witness to this, convince Behzad Saffari to release our daughter and let her enjoy a free life like you do in Tirana.

Understandably, the MEK command will never allow such a thing. Behzad Saffari would not accept you as a jihadist in Manza, as you do not meet their standards.

We ask the Albanian authorities to secure the life of our daughter who is held hostage by MEK, as we know that if one day our daughter is at liberty, the MEK will do everything they can to ensure she does not live anymore.

Somayeh knows many secrets of the MEK. That is why she is kept in isolation at the Manzas jihadist camp.

But we her parents promise we will never stop our legal battle to liberate our daughter from the defunct MEK terrorist organization.

Gazeta Shqiptare, Tirana, Albania,

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