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Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – 243

++ There has been a great deal of commentary about the terrorist attack in Ahwaz pointing out that, apart from the Saudis and Emirates, everyone – even Americans – condemned it. The only Iranians who didn’t condemn the terrorist act were MEK and Iranian ISIS, who claimed to have carried it out.

++ Some commentators have laughed at Maryam Rajavi’s Skype chat with Rudi Giuliani in New York. They say that as much as Giuliani says Trump is going to help their agenda, even if they kill themselves to work for it he can’t even get a visa for her let alone anything else. Referencing Giuliani’s affair, taking Maria Rosa Ryan to Paris, they joke about Maryam: ‘it’s a sad time for them now their love affair is conducted over Skype’.

++ After the disaster of people laughing at Trump’s UN speech, MEK have been on overdrive to support Trump and attack everyone else – Europe, China, etc. Farsi comment is that at least when Trump is attacked he takes it on the chin. MEK just get hysterical.

++ The Farsi speaking representative of the US State Department speaking with Deutsche Welle laid out what the US wants. She said that at the Iran desk in the State Department we have no relation with MEK and we have no delusions, we know that MEK has no support at all in Iran. Asked about Giuliani’s support of MEK, she said ‘yes, he spoke on his own behalf for money. The Stated Department has no connection to that.

In English:

++ Gazeta Impakt, MEK brings American bomber L. Todd Wood to Albania to show that it is not a terrorist organization but is a baker’s organization. “As a man trusted by MEK, L. Todd Wood in an internet video he produced, calls Manzas camp a residential complex – like Sunny Hill or the Malaysian palaces in Tirana. Unlike other journalists who were beaten, expelled, treated as Iranian agents and attacked by Argon’s private armed police, L. Todd Wood gives the impression that the terrorist camp of Manzas is a five-star resort where some angels sleep and not the devils of jihad. The idea is given that the camp is open and anyone can enter there.” MEK showed members working in a bakery, completely forgetting they do not have work permits in Albania.

++ Massoud and Anne Khodabandeh, Balkans Post, Secret MEK troll factory in Albania uses modern slaves. “But, back in Albania if the Al Jazeera interviewer had asked ‘how much money does an MEK member make for spending all day, every day as an internet troll?’ The answer would be “nothing”. MEK does not pay its members anything. It never has and never will. This is because it operates as a cult to which members belong rather than are employed by …”

++ Whitney Webb, Mint Press, Former MEK Official Exposes Saudi Arabia’s Covert Funding of Iranian Terror Group. “In an interview with Jordan-based news outlet Albawaba News, former MEK head of security Massoud Khodabandeh detailed the covert means through which the Saudis helped fund the group, including regional smuggling networks and black market transactions. According to Khodabandeh, gold and other valuable commodities, such as Rolex watches, were shipped from Saudi Arabia …”

++ Hossein Jelveh, Press TV, Traitors to the homeland. “Khodabandeh, the former MKO member, told Al Jazeera that the group had ‘changed from a terrorist military organisation to an intelligence-based propaganda machine’. He is wrong. MKO continues to be the terrorist organization that it has always been. The only difference now is that, facing Iranian power like never before, the group and its sponsors can only attempt online subversion against Iran. Like Saddam Hussein of Iraq, MKO and the House of Saud will have their expiration dates for the US. And until that day arrives, they can wiggle only as much.”

++ Dr. Kevin Barrett, Press TV, Why Western media silent on Ahvaz terrorist attack. “US scholar and political analyst Kevin Barrett: ‘Innocent people being killed by terrorists is front page news in the West; but, in the case of terrorism against Iran, suddenly, everything changes and the media tends to ignore and downplay it’, Barrett told Press TV in an interview on Saturday. Barrett sees the attack as another terrorist operation launched by the United States and its regional allies… Barrett concluded that US-sponsored terrorist attacks were going to be counterproductive in the long run because ‘terrorism doesn’t work … Iranian people are not going to stand it. People like Bolton and Pompeo may have failed to learn that lesson and they will be learning it in the future’.”

++ Press TV, US envoy to UN denies Giuliani’s claim that Trump wants ‘revolution’ in Iran. US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley says Washington is not seeking to overthrow Iran’s government, denying claims by President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani that the US favored a ‘revolution’ in Iran. ‘The United States is not looking to do a regime change in Iran’, Haley told CNN on Sunday… Giuliani, Trump’s attorney and former mayor of New York City, told an anti-Iran event on Saturday that Trump’s policy of economic pressure and sanctions against Tehran could spur on a regime change. ‘I don’t know when we’re going to overthrow them’, Giuliani said during the so-called Iran Uprising Summit at a hotel in Times Square. ‘It could be in a few days, months, a couple of years. But it’s going to happen’. Giuliani’s remarks went against the Trump administration’s declared policy of not seeking a change of government in Iran despite imposing strong economic sanctions against the country.”

++ Dan Friedman, Mother Jones, Giuliani Has Been Told to Stop Advocating for Foreign Interests but Just Did It Anyway. “Earlier this month, seven Senate Democrats asked the Justice Department to investigate whether President Trump’s lawyer, Rudolph Giuliani, is breaking the law by lobbying for foreign interests without registering as a foreign agent. One of Giuliani’s foreign clients that the senators cited is Mujahedin-e-Khalq, or MEK, an Iranian opposition group that the State Department once included on a list of organizations that support terrorism.”

++ Caitlin Johnstone, Iranian.com, Trump War Whore Celebrates Starvation Of Iranian Civilians At MEK Rally. “Just when you thought this administration couldn’t get more cartoonishly villainous, Trump lawyer and Simon Bar Sinister stunt double Rudy Giuliani takes to the stage and enthuses about how US sanctions are making Iranian citizens so desperate they are offering to sell their internal organs for $500 in order to stay alive. ‘Probably a fortune in Iran today. This is truly pitiful!’ he crowed triumphantly to the crowd at the Iran Uprising Summit in New York on Saturday, pleased as punch by the US government’s success in torturing everyday Iranians with starvation. Giuliani, who is basically what you’d get if necrophilia and racist police shootings had a baby, fumbled his way through a paid speech for the MEK terror cult with all the grace of a drunken creepy uncle MCing his way through a family wedding.”

++ Catherine Shakdam, Citizen Truth, The Other Face of Terror: Why is Washington Entertaining the MKO/MEK as a Political Alternative. “In her documentary for Channel 4 (UK) [Lindsey] Hilsum produces documents enouncing in no uncertain terms how dangerous Albania believes the MKO/MEK to be – highlighting the length foreign governments will go to secure an alliance with the U.S. – SECRET DOCUMENT OBTAINED BY CHANNEL 4 JOURNALIST LINDSAY HILSUM EXPOSING THE THREAT POSED BY THE MKO/MEK. With so many dangerous unknowns revolving around the MKO/MEK … notwithstanding the group’s proclivity to shed blood – including that of its members should they wish to leave, Washington’s wholehearted support boggles the mind.”

++ Gazeta Impakt, Kastriot Myftaraj: Maryam Rajavi calls for uprising, should be arrested. “In the latest issue of Moscow Speaking in Ora News, Kastriot Myftaraj commented on the recent threat of war that Iranian Mojahedin dictator Maryam Rajavi has made against Iran.

Myftaraj comments on the recent call by Maryam Rajavi for an uprising in Iran that was made from the Mojahedin camp in Manzas, citing the Criminal Code of the Republic of Albania to denounce Rajavi’s terrorist demand. Article 221 of the Criminal Code of Albania imposes imprisonment for 15 to 25 years, while the head of the insurgency can be sentenced to life imprisonment for such demands… Myftaraj notes that calls by Maryam Rajavi and the Iranian jihadists in Manzas for war against Iran provokes the latter to attack Albania with its missile system.”

++ Borzou Dargahi, The Independent, The ‘political cult’ opposing the Iranian regime which has created a state within a state in Albania. “’We are supposed to be living in a free and democratic country. But they have built a state within a state that implements its own laws’, says Olsi Yazici, an Albanian writer who is part of the legal team attempting to find out more about the group. ‘They are behaving in Albania like a mafia – breaking laws, blackmailing, paying people off, beating people, threatening defectors, accusing anyone who questions them of being an Iranian agent and controlling their members in the camp through Stalinist totalitarian methods. And at the end, they claim to be democrats who will save Iran’.”

++ Press TV, MKO is destructive mind control cult pursuing US policy: Ex-member. Ebrahim Khodabandeh: “Actually the policy of the White House along with Saudis and Israel has always been regime change in Iran, and they think they can do this by imposing severe sanctions on the Iranians… They think by making the people of Iran suffer they can reach their goal. This inhumane policy cannot be expressed officially, of course. This must be asked by a so-called Iranian group first. The MEK are always ready to betray their country if they think this would reach them to their goal and to power, as they cooperated with the assaulting enemy, that is Saddam Hussein.”

 September 28, 2018

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