Open Letter of over 50 ex members to Daily Caller

Dear editor of Daily Caller,

With regards, we are a group of members and officials and former commanders of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (MEK) from various sectors, including military, propaganda, foreign affairs and publications, we are residents of different European countries now.

Recently, an article was published in your site titled “TRUMP’S MAIDEN SPEECH TO THE UN SECURITY COUNCIL — A MODEST PROPOSAL”.

Since we are fully acquainted with the literature and culture of the organization, we assure you that this article was either written by them or just has been dictated to the author by MEK operatives base in the US and it is completely illusions and fake news for attracting attention and rating to this organization.

Today, MEK has become a cult, among the Iranian public, there is a negative view towards the MEK not only because of its policy, but more so because of its role in the post-revolution political assassinations and the Iran-Iraq war in the 1980s and ultimately not only isolated by both Iranians inside and outside Iran and the Iranian movements and opposition figures but also according to many analysts and politicians, even the US Department of State Spokeswoman recently declared and acknowledge that MEK lacks any position among the Iranians and have no support in Iran what so ever.

we were members of this cult between ten to forty-five years with various responsibilities in different European countries, the United States and Iraq are well aware of the lies and deception and fake news which is the MEK routine practices for many years.

Among Mojahedin tricks and deceptions in Albania and other countries, are the scenarios of “lack of security and protections for their members” and their lives are at risk, so they could attract local support. (MEK known as Rajavi cult among Iranian).

We saw several examples of this type of trick in Iraq, including the time of Saddam Hussein regime, including imports mortars with the Islamic Republic of Iran’s logo from the Iraqi Kurdistan and firing them to our own base Camp Ashraf (the main headquarters of the Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization in Iraq), aimed at gaining more privileges from the Iraqi government by exploiting a few true attacks of the Iranian regime.

The claim that the Iranian regime’s intention to launch a terrorist attack on the headquarters of the MEK in Tirana, the capital of Albania, during the celebration of Nowruz, which appeared in this article published in your site, is completely false and fabricated, because there have not been any media reports what so ever, including the Albanian media, and there is no report on this issue by the Albanian government, and even the MEK itself has not published absolutely no news in any of its many fake site and media.

If such a threat were true, at first sight the Mujahideen should have issued a statement at the time, that is, seven months ago, but no such claim exists.

Other claims, including the intention to blow up the cult gathering in France and the intention to spy on MEK members in the United States, are completely false and funded by the MEK propaganda machine to attract attention and obtain privileges from the authorities of the respective countries and is an effort to keep the remaining members intact which in recent months and days many of them escaped from MEK camp in Tirana. These tricks and scenarios illustrate the isolation of the MEK and are out of desperation to be display and promotion in the media.

We emphasize that the Iranian regime feels no threat or any danger from this organization, which today is more and more in a state of collapse, but in the other hand, the presence of the MEK leaders and elements that have in the past assassinated many Iranian and US personals both before and after 1979 revolution, are and will be a great danger and a threat to the security of the European and United Stated, because the leader of this cult, Masoud Rajavi repeatedly threatened to kill and murder the defectors on the streets of Europe and the United States.

A group of former members and officials of the People’s Mojahedin Organization Iran (MEK) residing in various European countries.

October 3/2018

  • Issa Azadeh
  • Abdulkarim Ebrahimi
  • Mohammad Akbari
  • Bahman Azami
  • Adel azamy
  • Malek Beytemashaal
  • Ehsan Bidi
  • Hamid Reza Bikas
  • Shahrooz Tajbakhsh
  • Edward Termado
  • Ali Jahani
  • Ghorban Ali Hossein Nejad
  • Hassan Heyrani
  • Anne Khodabandeh
  • Massoud Khodabandeh
  • Mehdi Khoshhal
  • Ali Akbar Rastgou
  • Mohammad Razzaghi
  • Kobra Rashti
  • Majid Roohi
  • Alireza Zahedi
  • Mehrdad Sagharchi
  • Mahmoud Sepahi
  • Mehdi Sojoodi
  • Niloofar Sarfraz
  • Batul Soltani
  • Hamid Reza Sistani
  • Ahmad Reza Shafiee
  • Saba Shakarbeygi
  • Hasan Shahbaz
  • Ali Shirzad
  • Reza Sadeghi Jabali
  • Mir Bagher Sedaghi
  • Manouchehr Abdi
  • Mohammad Araghi
  • Hassan Azizi
  • Ghafur Fattahian
  • Mohammad Karami
  • Nader Keshtkar
  • Homayoun Kohzadi
  • Homeyra Mohammad Nejad
  • Ahmad Mohammadi
  • Reza Mohammadi
  • Mohammad Mohammadi
  • Mostafa Mohammadi
  • Zahra Moeini
  • Amir Movassaghi
  • Saeed Naseri
  • Alireza Nasrollahi
  • Mansour Nazari

Peyvane Rahaee, Paris

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