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Iran-Interlink Weekly Digest – 245

++ MEK invited Albanian MP Dashamir Shehi to visit the Manez camp. He reported that everything was wonderful there. Many ex-members have written Open Letters in Farsi and English pointing out that MEK never tell the truth and that over the years many foreign persons have been fooled or paid to promote the group in spite of its horrifying reality for members.

++ Mohammad Karami has written an article highlighting the fact that every single group and personality outside Iran (monarchists, separatists, democrats non-democrats etc) know MEK as a terrorist organisation which they refuse to be associated with. He refers to recent meetings in Washington in which even the armed Kurdish groups (Komala and the Kurdish Democratic Party) have clearly distanced themselves to the point that a petition was published on the Coalition of Iranian Opposition Groups website asking Trump not to engage with MEK.

++ Davood Baghervand Arshad has translated the Independent article by Borzou Dargahi, ‘The ‘political cult’ opposing the Iranian regime which has created a state within a state in Albania’, into Farsi.

++ Former MEK member Ehsan Bidi in Albania has written about the recent wave of media reports that have flooded Albania. He says that because of this, MEK are not as aggressive as before and there is also more demand from members wanting to leave the camp. At the same time, today Mr Gholamreza Mirzaee who has been with MEK over 30 years, announced his separation in Tirana. He claims after a few months of near disintegration, the MEK leadership has now got a grip on the members and has announced that talking about “Families” and or “Telephone” is the only red line which will result in severe punishment if contravened.

In English:

++ Payvande rahaee website wrote an Open Letter signed by over fifty ex-MEK members to the editorial of Daily Caller after it published a piece promoting the MEK. The letter points out that the article, titled “Trump’s Maiden Speech to the UN Security Council – A Modest Proposal’ was “either written by them or just has been dictated to the author by MEK operatives base in the US and it is completely illusionary and fake news for attracting attention and rating to this organization.”

++ In an article titled ‘US, MEK and Ahwazia Coordination’, Marwa Osman, Alahed News, Beirut, writes about the devious rhetoric used by the Trump administration. When they use the phrase ‘the Iranian opposition’ they actually mean MEK cultists.

++ Mazda Parsi for Nejat Bloggers states that MEK has undeniable potential to commit acts of terrorism. “Although Alahvazieh and ISIS claimed responsibility for the last week attack, numerous reports assert that the MKO has coordinated the attack. The fact that the MKO has the capacity to commit terror acts was previously warned by the US State Department in 2012 just after it delisted the group from FTO list.”

++ Istanbul based TRTWORLD, broadcast a Strait Talk episode about the MEK in Albania, titled ‘The MEK: a group looking to overthrow the Iranian regime’ presented by Courtney Kealy. Kealy interviews several former MEK in Tirana to uncover the real story.

++ Press TV and Fars News examined claims that Iran was behind a foiled terrorist plot in Europe in June, which Iran has denied.

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