US already at war with Iran

The US seems to be using an Iraqi terror group known as Mujahedeen-e Khalq (MEK) to create instability and commit acts of violence (remember the terror bombings there?) in Iran before going to a full-on war with them, as reported by The Raw Story here. It appears that most of this group has been trained by the CIA.

If you read the article, you’ll see many things that were mentioned in the New Yorker article by Hersh which I mentioned in a previous post, being confirmed. One of them is the fact that the US already has special forces in Iran gathering information on targets and other intelligence.

And what was even more surprising to me, is that I found an article by Scott Ritter published in June 2005, where he was already mentioning that the US was working with the MEK along with more details on that, and where he also mentions the use of drones above Iran.

The most visible of these is the CIA-backed actions recently undertaken by the Mujahadeen el-Khalq, or MEK, an Iranian opposition group, once run by Saddam Hussein’s dreaded intelligence services, but now working exclusively for the CIA’s Directorate of Operations.

It is bitter irony that the CIA is using a group still labelled as a terrorist organisation, a group trained in the art of explosive assassination by the same intelligence units of the former regime of Saddam Hussein, who are slaughtering American soldiers in Iraq today, to carry out remote bombings in Iran of the sort that the Bush administration condemns on a daily basis inside Iraq.

Perhaps the adage of “one man’s freedom fighter is another man’s terrorist” has finally been embraced by the White House, exposing as utter hypocrisy the entire underlying notions governing the ongoing global war on terror.

His article is also a very interesting read, and again confirms much of the story by Hersh.

When you read the Raw Story article and the one by Scott Ritter, note that both mention that the US already seems to be at war with Iran. Here is a comparison:

Raw Story article (April 2006): “We are already at war,” the UN official told RAW STORY. Asked how long the MEK agents have been active in the region under the guidance of the US military civilian leadership, the UN official explained that the clandestine war had been going on for roughly a year and included unmanned drones run jointly by several agencies.

Scott Ritter article (June 2005): The reality is that the US war with Iran has already begun. As we speak, American over flights of Iranian soil are taking place, using pilotless drones and other, more sophisticated, capabilities.

The diplomatic efforts just seem to be a show to mislead everyone while actual war preparations, and indeed the beginning attacks, are already taking place, similar to the months before the war with Iraq.

In a stunning repeat of pre-war Iraq activities, the Bush administration continues to publicly call for action and pursue diplomatic solutions to allegations that Iran is bomb-ready. Behind the scenes, however, the administration is already well underway and engaged in ground operations in Iran.

Scott Ritter talks about this in more details in his article.

The question that now remains seems to be: When will Bush officially declare the war with Iran on TV?

Karel Donk –  April 13th, 2006

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