Batul Soltani

PMOI Leadership Council’s women SALVATION DANCE

Ms. Soltani has been courageous enough to reveal some shocking facts on sexual abuse against women in leadership Council of MKO/MEK/PMOI by Massoud Rajavi…In this so-called Salvation Dance (nude dancing), the women of the Leadership Council were indoctrinated through cultic-religious psychological manipulation to remove all their clothes in front of their guru, spiritual leader, Massoud Rajavi..

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Ms. soltani Letter to united Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq

… During the past three months the families of the captured members in the New Camp Iraq (ex-Ashraf) have arrived from different countries to meet their children after years of ignorance and have gathered in front the door of this camp. This organization has prevented the reunion to take place and they have cleared conditions that if such entry takes place their commander must be presence during this meeting …

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Massoud and Maryam were the mainspring of operations

(An interview with Batool Soltani on MKO self-immolations – Part 37 ) – before their departure, they would once meet with Massoud Raajvi which worked as a factor of encouragement. He would talk to them on the phone or received them individually in the presence of Maryam where they gave their pledge of loyalty to the red-line and the MKO/MEK/PMOI organizational principles and that the enemy would never succeed to have access to anything out of them. . These meeting were really instrumental . ..

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