Javad Firuzmand

  • MEK ex-membersJavad Firuzmand interviewed by Mehrdad Farahmand

    Javad Firuzmand interviewed by Mehrdad Farahmand

    The US army which is guarding Camp Ashraf during this period, kept the dissidents under its own protection in a camp near to this base. As the press office of coalition forces under the US command has informed the BBC, during the last four years…

  • MEK ex-membersFirouzmand; Interview With BBC

    Firouzmand; Interview With BBC

    After the US invasion to Iraq, he escaped from Camp Ashraf- MKO's main headquarter led by Massoud Rajavi- and returned to Iran by the assistance of the international Red Cross. He left Iran illegally in a while and arrived in Europe via Turkey. In an…

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