MEK ex-members

MKO former members

  • Khodabande and Ylva Johansson

    Letter from the CEO of Nejat Society to the European Commissioner for Home Affairs

    Ebrahim Khodabandeh, CEO of Nejat Society, Iran, wrote a letter to the European Commissioner for Home Affairs, Ylva Johansson, calling on her to raise with the Albanian authorities the issue of abuse of the most basic human rights of members and former members of the…

  • defectors of MEK un Albania

    Covid-19 In MEK Camp – Needs Urgent Intervention

    Honourable Director of Albania’s Immigration Office We would like to inform you that we, a group of former members of the MEK Organization, are concerned about the situation of our former friends who are currently members of the MEK. During the outbreak of COVID-19, the…

  • Massoud Khodabande

    How these people end up in Albania?

    An online debate on Mardom TV took place  on Friday 20th November (at 11am New York time, at 17pm Germany time, at 19:30pm Teheran time). Parsa Sorbi moderated the debate A panel of experts discussed the question: “With Trump gone, is the MEK finished?” on…

  • mek - coronavirus-albania

    Iranian MEK cult in Albania poses public health risk

    With its small population of 2.8 million people, the Republic of Albania may appear to have a more manageable task (depending, of course, on the availability of health care resources) of testing and tracking contacts to halt the spread of the coronavirus, than countries with…

  • Ehsan Bidi

    Ehsan Bidi press conference was cancelled- collusion continues

    An Iranian citizen and ex-member of MEK has been accused of being a foreign agent and is at risk of being expelled from the country. Ehsan Bidi came to Albania with more than 2000 Mujahadeen from the Freedom Camp in Iraq. He was granted refugee…

  • Amir Vafa Yaghmaei

    Request to Contact my mother in the MEK

    To download the video file click here Amir Yaghmai published this video on his youtube page: An Open letter from me Amir Yaghmai from Sweden requesting to contact my mother Akram Habibkhani with the pseudonym Marzieh Aminia in the MEK organization currently based in Albania…

  • MEK Women

    MEK defectors tell of torture, forced sexual relations with Masoud Rajavi

    The Intercept published a news article recently about the cult-like Iranian militant group the Mojahedin-e Khalq. The article is based on interviews with high-ranking defectors. The following is an excerpt of the article: On a blisteringly hot summer afternoon in 2006, Reza Sadeghi ran into…

  • Defectors Tell of Torture and Forced Sterilization in Militant Iranian Cult

    On a blisteringly hot summer afternoon in 2006, Reza Sadeghi ran into an old friend at the Iraqi headquarters of the Mojahedin-e Khalq, an exiled Iranian militant group better known as the MEK. The two men had not seen each other in over a decade.…

  • Mohammad Turang family

    Families, forgotten victims

    My name is Mohamamd Turang, I am from Qeshm Island. Follow my story:

  • Bakhshali Alizade

    A complaint to God

    I am Bakhshali Alizade. I was born in 1964. I was born in Tehran. …one day, thy took me to a meeting chaired by Massoud Rajavi. From what he said I concluded that in order to overthrow the IRIB we had to divorce our families……

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