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Atefeh Sebdani’s autobiography to be translated in Persian

Atefeh Sebdani

Atefeh Sebdani’s autobiography will be published in Persian. The Former child soldier of the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK), Atefeh Sebdani announced on her Facebook account that her book will be published in Persian soon.

In a note that Atefeh posted on Facebook platform on April 23rd, 2024, expressing her pleasure she explained about the publisher and the time of the publication:
Nothing makes me more proud and happy, than to announce that my book will be translated to Persian and this, already this year. It’s through eminent Baran Publishing and I feel honored to be part of their fantastic authors.

To even get the chance to write a book to begin with, and that for Albert Bonniers Förlag, was never anything I took for granted. Now, another wild dream is coming true which is to get the same book translated into my mother tongue.

So many have asked for this which I’m so humbled by and now we can let you know that sometimes during fall, you will be able to get your hands on your Persian version.
Thank you @nashrebaran for this opportunity and thousands of thanks to my fantastic agency @grandagency.se whom made efforts beyond the regular to sign me with an exile publisher. You are a true gem and I knew it from the start.

Now a Swedish citizen, Atefeh Sebdani was born to Mujahed parents. Under the order of the MEK leader, Massoud Rajavi, the five-year old Atefeh and her two younger brothers were smuggled from Iraq to Europe, together with at least 900 other children of the Mujahedin.

Last summer Atefeh published her biography, “My hands in mine”, in Swedish. The book is the story of a five-year-old girl who turned into the mother of her brothers. My Hand in Mine is a story about growing up with no one to hold on to but yourself, of abuses that are skillfully covered up by the MEK’s ruling system and a society that fails to see the vulnerable children. But it is also a story of a persistent burning energy and the courage to finally break free.

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