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The Judge called on Albanians and International bodies to take action against the MEK

trial of MEK leaders

Judge Dehghani called on People and Albanian government to extradite the defendants of Tehran court who reside in Albania. He also asked the international bodies and other countries hosting individuals out of the 104 accused ones to take action in order to bring them to justice.

As the heading official who presides over court proceedings of the trial of the leaders and 102 high-ranking members of the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK), began the recently held court session by addressing the international organizations and certain countries that host the MEK leaders: “

“From this position, I plea the international organizations and some countries that host the defendants of this indictment. The people of those countries should take action and ask their governments and institutions to extradite these people and submit them to the court in order to show up in court until the decision is made and final verdict is issued for the defendants.”

“There are 104 defendants with indictments issued in the court,” he continued. “They are accused of crimes that are more than one murder. How is it that when some people are suspected of murder and the police or competent institutions are informed of their presence in their countries, but they do not take any action?”

“Now, 104 people who are accused of burning people alive and bombings,” judge Dehghani added. “shouldn’t the hosting countries take the initiative and demand their competent institutions the extradition and departure of these people from their country? so that those accused with these charges can be tried in the court? A court where the defendants have the right to freely choose a lawyer.”

The head of the court expressed hope that these governments, by prioritizing the interests and the security of their people for extraditing the defendants, just like any other accused group, to the Islamic Republic of Iran, will take measures according to their national interests.

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