Mohammad Hossein Sobhani

Open letter of Mr. Sobhani to Prime Minister of Spain

In 1992 I became an outspoken critic of what is known as the”forced divorces”and of what is known as”armed struggle”. More than that, I criticised what was apparent about the special relations between the organisation and Saddam Hussein, the ousted dictator of Iraq. I was imprisoned for a few months in solitary confinement inside Ashraf camp and over all spent about 8 years in different prisons. .MR. VIDAL QUADRASS visited from Camp of Ashraf in Iraq for more help to this terrorist cult last year. But without any human rights Organisation representative accompanying his good self.,

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Open letter of Mohammad Sobhani to Maryam Rajavi

About the attacks against him by the terrorists and henchmen of the Mojahedin Khalq Cult in Cologne, Germany ..I was walking down a street in Cologne, Germany, where I reside, when one of your henchmen – or rather a victim of your cult – started swearing at me and physically attacking me. ..I tried my best to keep calm and remind myself that the henchman you have sent is himself a victim of your cult. I managed to stop myself from giving any reaction to your terrorist agent who had been sent by you to Germany.

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