Mujahedin Khalq and Human Rights

Latest news on the situation of Somayeh Mohammadi

Maryam Rajavi, the old cult leader living in Paris, has sent a message on behalf of the mystical cult leader, Massoud Rajavi (who died long ago, but the Mojahedin members are misled into believing he is still alive) to the Mojahedin members. In this false message, the Mojahedin, who believe that Massoud Rajavi is the Imam Mahdi, have been commanded not to …

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The sole victims of MKO cult are its members and their families

Long enslaved in Camp Ashraf and now located in a temporary transit location near Baghdad, the members of MKO are denied of the right to life and liberty and are kept against their will. They are not allowed to have any form of contact to the world outside and even with their family members many of whom have long requested and are waiting at the gates of the camp to see their children and relatives.

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