Latest news on the situation of Somayeh Mohammadi

Somaye Mohamamdi, hostage of the MEK since she was 17

rightThe struggles of the parents of Somayeh Mohammedi to free their daughter, and the public beating some Mojahedin members made against her parents have frightened the Mojahedin who are housed in Camp Ashraf 3 in Manza in Durres.

Maryam Rajavi, the old cult leader living in Paris, has sent a message on behalf of the mystical cult leader, Massoud Rajavi (who died long ago, but the Mojahedin members are misled into believing he is still alive) to the Mojahedin members. In this false message, the Mojahedin, who believe that Massoud Rajavi is the Imam Mahdi, have been commanded not to leave the camp except in urgent cases. The Mojahedin are reminded that they will win the war against Iran and overthrow the mullahs quickly.

Mojahedin commanders tell the members that they face the threat of Iranian terrorism and kidnapping if they emerge from the organization. There are full provisions inside Manza camp so that there is no excuse to go outside the camp and the Mojahedin are no longer allowed out.

The Mojahedin leadership is exercising a reign of terror against members who have secretly plugged-in phones or tablets in the camp and communicate with their families. Mojahedin members’ use of phones is strictly controlled and if someone is caught using a phone they are punished severely. If someone gets caught talking on the phone or using the Internet, they are forced to sign a document stating that the member admits to being an Iranian agent and working for the Iranian Intelligence Ministry.

The camp commanders have issued orders that anyone who, in exceptional circumstances, leaves Manza camp must be strictly controlled. Women or men who go outdoors are searched for items [photos, documents] when they leave and strip-searched when they return to the camp to check for phones or bugging devices.

The Mojahedin High Command has been fully mobilized to prevent Somayeh Mohammadi from meeting her parents. They spend all their time with Somayeh, congratulating her privately and praising her publicly in front of the Mojahedin members for rejecting her family – who are described as a family of Iranian agents. The Mojahedin members are required to cheer and praise Somayeh as a hero of the revolution and martyrdom and jihad.

Somayeh is praised as a hero who is making great sacrifices for jihad and is refusing to be seduced by Iranian agents. The jihadist command have set Somayeh up with management duties at the General Mojahedin Headquarters, in Mozhgan Parsaii’s office, in order to motivate her and make her believe she is an important jihad leader. She no longer eats meals with the other camp rank and file but is given special treatment and has lunches and dinners with the supreme command.

The Mojahedin’s comanders hold meetings every day for the rank and file members in which they denounce and condemn the presence of enemies of the revolution, Mostafa Mohammadi and Mahboubeh Hamza, Somayehs’s father and mother, in Albania. All the members are required to condemn the presence of the two parents, who are described as mullahs and terrorists. The Mojahedin tell each other that Somayeh’s mother and father have come to commit terrorist acts against them and that they are not in Albania to meet with Somayeh.

In this situation, Somayeh is confused. She is suffering from depression and mental problems. She is kept isolated from her close friends. High ranking Mojahedin have asked her to make a video recording and denounce her father and mother as Iranian agents. Yesterday, on 30 July 2018 she was finally persuaded to attend at the police station in the district in Durres, accompanied by a group of Mojahedin, where she told the police officer that her father is an enemy, a terrorist and she will not meet with him.

While making her statement to the judicial police officer at the district police commissariat, Somayeh was accompanied by a Mojahedin commander who supervised and recorded her so that Somayeh would not go wrong and say ‘yes, I want to meet my family’, and not to escape from the police commissariat.
On 30th July 2018, Somayeh’s father and mother were contacted in Tirana by a LSI activist who offered help to mediate for the family in order to meet Somayeh. However, when she contacted the staff at the Interior Ministry, they told her that this was not possible.

Prime Minister Rama is frightened by the physical assault that the Mojahedin made against Somayeh’s father. Rama has built a reputation for Interior Minister Fatmir Xhafa and has asked the police to prevent MEK and anti-MEK from having any further incidents with each other.

The Rama government is afraid of the whole situation with the Mojahedin. As is Pandeli Majko, who is embarrassed by the exposure of the terrible terrorist cult that he supports. On one hand, the Albanian government is determined not to intervene to liberate Somayeh from the jihadist prison because it is afraid of the Americans. Sander Lleshi, Agron Sojati, and the anti-violent extremism office close to the Prime Minister seem unable to see all the jihadist scandal that has plagued the country. On the other hand, support for Somayeh’s family in public opinion has created another embarrassment for the government. Unfortunately, the Democratic Party and its leaders, who are following the situation from afar, are afraid to attack Rama’s government for abandoning Somayeh in the jihadist camp as they know that it would infuriate the Americans.

The situation seems desperate. In the days ahead, the Mojahedin may persuade Somayeh to appear in a video recording in which she will denounce her father and mother as terrorists and agents of the Iranian regime. The Mojahedin High Command is doing its utmost to stop Somayeh from meeting with her family as they fear that if this meeting does happen, Somayeh would abandon jihad and leave their Manzas jihadist prison for freedom and for Canada.

Translated by Iran Interlink,

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