A letter to my brother; hostage at the MEK Camp

Dear Hadi,
I hope you are well and that there is still something left of your love and affection for Iran, Semnan and your family.

We are fine here. After many years of work, effort and service, I am now retired and I am having fun in the garden. But believe me, we will never forget you. I always think of your return. I always wonder even though you were a person of thought and logic, how can you spend your life in vanity and nonsense in this cult-like group? And with what logic do you convince yourself?!

Javad Nasiri-the brother of MEK hostage Hadi Nasiri

After years of wasting your life in vain, isn’t it time for you to think a little and make a decision with the courage that I used to know in you and release yourself from this prison?
Even if you don’t come to Iran, at least decide freely for your future and live wherever you like outside of the Mujahedin Khalq’s prison so that we can communicate with each other freely and easily whenever we want.

When you were here before, we had high hopes for your future, but I don’t know how and with what motivation you fell on this path.
However, there is still time to make a decision and we are impatiently waiting for good news from you. I hope that one day soon I will hear the news of your release from this hellish organization and I will be able to hear your voice and see your image freely.
Hoping that day, I entrust you to God.

Your brother, Javad Nasiri

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